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  1. h1visa_stamping

    EB5 Track & Time Frame

    Applied in August 2018 and still waiting.
  2. h1visa_stamping

    EB5 Track & Time Frame

    Hello- I wanted to create this topic to track the approval wait time for 526 in EB5 ? I am on H1B Visa in US and recently filled 526 through EB5. Please share your approval wait time for 526 in EB5 through regional center ? Thanks
  3. h1visa_stamping

    Group for perspective Eb5 investors

    messaged you in your eb5 messenger
  4. h1visa_stamping

    EB5 Track & Time Frame

    What is AOS ? I have filled through regional center.
  5. h1visa_stamping

    Group for perspective Eb5 investors

    EB5 visa is a separate individual visa and it has nothing to have with your H1B visa. Yes if your H1B get denial then you have to go back to India and you can either come back with any other visa or when your EB5 visa will get approve. I am sending you my cell number in your profile message, you can contact me and I can guide you. FYI_ I am not a lawyer or not related to EB5 company. I can just share my experience as I have filled the EB5 after lot of study.
  6. h1visa_stamping

    Group for perspective Eb5 investors

    I have also applied in August 2018 and still waiting for I-526 approval. As per the news Retrogression can happen anytime soon for India.
  7. h1visa_stamping

    EB5 Track & Time Frame

    How much time it took for you to AOS approve ?Please let me know. Thanks
  8. h1visa_stamping

    EB5 Track & Time Frame

    Did your AOS approved or still waiting ? Please let me know. Thanks
  9. h1visa_stamping

    EB5 Track & Time Frame

    Thank You for the details.
  10. h1visa_stamping

    EB5 Track & Time Frame

    No, We haven't receive the approval yet.
  11. h1visa_stamping

    EB5 Immigrant Investor Visa

    If you are citizen of any other country except china and Vietnam then it is taking 20-26 months to get Conditional GC as per the current time lines. If you belong to different families then you cannot combine then process but biological father is same then you definitely need to ask from attorney as I don't know abut that.
  12. h1visa_stamping

    EB5 Immigrant Investor Visa

    Hello- I am not an attorney but have little knowledge about it but you can contact attorney if you want more info. If you dont have $300K Joint or $200K Indvidual income then the next and the last option is to have $1Millon worth which you can show if you have any property in India or Jewelry or Cars in India or US or wherever you live. You have to get the letter from CA which says if combine value of all is worth Millon Dollor.
  13. h1visa_stamping

    EB5 Immigrant Investor Visa

    Thank You for your response !! Really appreciate !! That means still we have 325 for rest of the 2018. I have PD for August 2018.
  14. h1visa_stamping

    EB5 Track & Time Frame

    Thank You for the reply. Is it through Regional center and with approved project 924 ?
  15. h1visa_stamping

    EB5 Immigrant Investor Visa

    Where we can see this data ? Is that posted on USCIS site
  16. h1visa_stamping

    Request Premium Delivery

    I have scheduled a H4 Interview for my wife in Ottawa Consulates. Wanted to check if anybody has an experience with Premium Delivery. How many days it will take to get passport if we need from Ottawa to Toronto. Also If you have no experience with Premium Delivery, then regular location change for pick up from Ottawa to Toronto, How many days extra it takes for pick up the passport. If I don't pick up from Ottawa location.
  17. h1visa_stamping

    H1b expired, transit visa for travel to India via paris

    If your stay is more then 24 hours you need transit visa but if it is less then then that no need of transit visa.
  18. h1visa_stamping

    Break from Job on H1B

    Hello- Need advice and suggestions for below questions: 1) I am planning to take a Break from job and wanted to go to India for year or so to work on my start up. My employer is OK to give me long break and not revoking my H1B which is valid till end of 2020. So wanted to check by law and rules Can I take a break and travel to India ? If Yes then while coming if they ask on Port of Entry why you came after so long from India or what is your client ? What should be the answer. As I have to find or you can say my employer will place me at their client side once I am back in US.
  19. Anurag- Checked your old msges and saw you were thinking of taking the break for 1 year or so ?

    Did you take the break or change the mind ?

  20. h1visa_stamping

    Ottawa Passport Pickup after stamping

    I had Visa stamping in last week of October in Ottawa and got password in 3 days. Monday Interview-- Wednesday Passport Pick Up.
  21. h1visa_stamping

    Help Needed : H1B stamping in Canada Process

    I have applied online and it will take 2-4 Weeks.
  22. Hello All, Sharing my H1B Visa Stamping experience in Ottawa (Canada). Its my time to give back to the community. My Profile: Bachelor Degree: B-Tech (4 Years) India Masters Degree: 2 Years MS degree (USA) H1B: 3rd H1B Renewal with same Employer H1B Stamping: Second H1B Stamping. Visa Appointment: Last week of october Embassy will not let you in before your interview time. Very strict with the Appointment time. You can go 5-10 Mins before the actual interview time. Went through the security Clearance Document Verification Finger Print There were around 5-6 people in front of me and there were 2 counters opened for interview. I said Good Morning Sir. He said good Morning, Can I have your I-797 and Passport please and I gave him the documents(only new passport not the old passport) Interview Questions: Me:Good Morning Sir VO: Good Morning Sir VO: Which company you work for Me: ****** VO: What is your role Me: ***** VO: DO you have End Client Me: Yes VO: There is no previous H1B stamp. So this is your first H1B Stamping? Me: Yes Sir, This is my first H1B stamping after F1 visa VO: What is your roles and responsibilities with this company? Me: Answered as per my role mentioned in LCA, Client Letter and Vendor Letter and answered my responsibilities VO: Who is your client and do you have any document from them where I can contact them ? Me: Yes Sir, My client is XXX and I have client letter from them. (Provided him client Letter) He started going through my client letter and asked the role again VO: How Big is your employer ? ME: ******* VO: Where they located ? ME: ******* VO: Did your I140 approved: ME: Yes Sir VO: VO: So your client is in XXX city? Me: Yes Sir VO: What is your highest Degree? Me: MS in XXX VO: Where did you complete your Degree? Me: Answered VO: Can I check your W2 and Pay Stub ? ME: Gave it to VO VO: What is your Salary? Me: XXX GOLDEN words VO: Your Visa is approved and You will get your passport in 3-4 days. Me: Thank You Sir. Day 1 09:15am: Interview Day 1 11:00am: Administrative Processing Day 2 9.30AM : Visa Issued Day 2: 11:00am: Electronic information submitted by shipper Day 3: 03:16pm:Shipment picked up by Canada Post Day 3: 10:13am:Item available for pickup at Post Office There was around 3-4 people in front of me who got the stamping on the same day and 3 People Behind me who got the stamping which I know. Thanks & Good Luck to people who are planning to go for stamping. Make sure carry all documents and Be Confident.
  23. h1visa_stamping

    H1b Stamping concern

    You should enter your approved new H1 Number. I have been in this situation few years back and I have entered the new one only as you are going to get the stamping for New H1 and till new H1 get expire.
  24. h1visa_stamping

    Earliest Date Available at Vancouver

    Could any of you please let me know what is the earliest date available for the H1b Stamping Interview in Vancouver ? Also as per your past experience did the date will be available if we want to book with in 15 days ?
  25. h1visa_stamping

    Canada next availability visa dates

    Ottawa: Dec 21 on-words few dates are available as of now Calgary: Dec 28th Toronto Jan4th Vancouver: 3rd 4th 5th October and than in 30th November Montreal : No Dates