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  1. Any one planning to attend the interview at Matamors Mexico on May 30 and 31st. I went through salvador last time and got my stamping and now going for extension.
  2. KishoreKumarB

    Stamping at Matamors Mexico on May 30 and 31st

    Venkatramrm, I am going for visa on 31st and will let you know our experience.
  3. KishoreKumarB

    Stamping at Matamors Mexico on May 30 and 31st

    I am flying from Atlanta. Can u send me email. Check for my profile
  4. KishoreKumarB

    Stamping@Matamoros, Mexico on June 5th and 6th

    I am planning to go on May 29 to Matamors. Salvador is very helpful and I went last time and got stamping. If you change your dates let me know. Or contact me we can discuss.
  5. KishoreKumarB

    @Matamoros visa stamping on May22 & 23 Houston,TX

    I am planning to go on May 29 at Matamoros. Last time I got the stamping from same location. If you change your dates let me know
  6. When are you planning to go and which location in Mexico
  7. Better to get the Mexico visa before you apply for VISA. For some people they are checking the Mexico VISA. Service took : Salvador Service Visa Type : H1B Renewal Date Visa Interview : 01-19-2016. Reaching Matamoros : (01-17-2016) Reached Brownsville, TX by Jan 17th evening. Salvador picked me up in the border and dropped me up in hotel by himself. Finger Print and Photos: (01-18-2016) Salvador picked me up in the hotel by 8:30 and reached the place by 8:40. It took just 5 minutes he waited for me and then he dropped me in the hotel. Visa Interview: (01-19-2016) Salvador picked me from hotel by 7:45 and dropped me in the Consulate and he left. 1. Are you extending with the same company ? 2. How many times you extended your H1B ? 3. Do you work with the client ? 4. who is your end client ? and do you have a client letter? 5. Client location ? 6. What do you do for them? 7. Client Name again asked ? 8. Where do you live ? 9. Is your client is subdivision of this company ? 10. Are you married ? or single ? 11.Can I see your last year tax return? 12. What is your educational back ground ? 13. How long you been working with the Employer? VO said your VISA is approved and gave the slip to collect my passport at 3 PM. Came outside and called the Salvador number from the opposite store(Details mentioned in his website). His employee from Hotel picked us and dropped back to the Hotel. Collecting the Passport : (01-19-2016) Salvador took to the US Consulate by 3:00 PM. Asked me to show some ID proof showed my Driving License and they gave the passport and then he dropped us in the border and we just need to walk to the US border get a new I-94 by paying $6 and 25 cents to cross the border. Imm: Be prepare for why Matamoros ? Salvador service was Excellent..no difficulties..food , hotel was good.... You can find more details about salvador service and you can whats app him. https://mexicovisaservice.appspot.com/
  8. Hi Please let me know any one planning to go to Matamoros Mexico on Jan 11 or later ?
  9. Updated my email id. sorry there was some spell mistake. Now you can send me your questions.
  10. Yes, My VISA is approved and I reached USA. Over all experience is good and salvador service is too good. No need to worry
  11. First you need to apply for Mexico Visa. Please reach out to nearest Mexico Consulate in your area and submit all the required documents, they will issue the Mexico VISA in couple of hrs. Required documents to apply Mexico visa. 1. MEXICO Visitor VISA Application form. 2. 2 US Passport photos. 3. Legal stay in USA ( I-797) 4. Bank Statements - Last 6 months - they will verify you have enough funds sponsor your self to visit the mexico. 5. Paystubs - 2 to 3 Months. 6. Address Proof. They accept cash and credit cards - $36
  12. marams, I am going to Matamoros on Jan 17th. I am unable to find your contact email id. Please look at my profile and send me the email.
  13. I am talking about Matamoros visa interview dates
  14. Swaram, I have booked my appointment on JAN 19th. Please share your experience once done with the interview.
  15. That means dates are available from next day. Recently I booked my appointment. Dates still available from next week .... JAN 11, 12 AVAILABLE JAN 18, 19 AVAILABLE JAN 25, 26 AVAILABLE
  16. Hi Swaram, Please email me @******************@gmail.com so that I can provide all my details.
  17. KishoreKumarB

    H1B successful visa stamping-Matamoros Mexico(12/29/2015)

    I am planning to go to Matamoros Jan second week. Any one interested please email me ***************@gmail,com So that we can plan together.
  18. KishoreKumarB

    H1B stamping in canada??

    I heard Matamoros mexico is good and they are giving the passport on the same day. Its a 2 days process to finish the stamping.
  19. Yes we can go Mexico for H1B stamping. If you are applying in same visa category. may apply to renew a visa in any category except B1/B2 or H2. NOTE – The applicant must apply to renew in the same visa category and cannot apply in a different category.
  20. KishoreKumarB

    H1B stamping in canada??

    Is this your first H1B stamping ? Mexico accepting the same status VISA Stampings.
  21. KishoreKumarB

    H1B Matamoros stamping on 12/15/15 - Successfull

    Thanks Visu for the information. I am planning to go Jan 2nd week. Last week I got the mexico visa and contacted Salvador service. If any planning to go to Matamoros please let me know.
  22. KishoreKumarB

    Visa experience @ Matamoros , slight process change

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I am planning to go to Matamoros on Jan second week. This is my 3rd year of H1B and 1st stamping done in Jamaica.Recently my labor got approved and my I-140 is in process. Do I need I-140 approval notice for safe side.If this is required then I can do premium processing for I-140. How was the port of entry ?
  23. KishoreKumarB

    H1B Matamoros stamping on 12/15/15 - Successfull

    Thanks Visu for sharing your VISA experience. I am planning to go to Mexico (Matamoros) January 1st week. Do we need any round trip tickets to get the Mexico VISA. Because we have a flights to Brownsville TX and from there salvador will pick and drop at the hotel. Kaps123, if you are still planning to go to Mexico let me know so that we can communicate more details.
  24. I got my VISA approved in Jamaica These are Question: Me: Good Morning Officer. Vo: Good Morning. Can you pass your Passport and W-2. Me: Gave him the W-2 and Passport. VO: Have you graduated from this XXXX university ? Me: No Sir, I graduated from XXXX university and transferred from this univ. VO: How long you been working for this company ? Me: I said 2 Years. VO: What you do for them ? Me; Explained my roles and responsibilities. VO: Do you have end client ? Me: Yes, told him XXXX my client. VO: Whats your majer in Masters ? Me. CE VO: Have ever been arrested in US? Me: No. VO: Okay your VISA is approved and Come and Pick up on so and so day ?? (after 2 days). Me: Thank you sir.