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  1. I had my interview on March4th 2014 and Vo said we sent your application to uscis for further review. Still shows administrative processing in ceac site.
  2. maheshkb

    221G @ Vancouver Resolved in 9 Business Days

    Athirasm, Even i was issued 221g white slip in vancouver and my passport is returned. After 2 weeks I was called to appear at consulate and then they told me that they sent my application to uscis for educational evaluation. Did they mention anything like why they issued 221g for you?
  3. Yes i submitted the requested documents on march6th .. Now they didnt requested any additional documents from my end.
  4. My bachelor's is from mechanical domain but i graduated with a master's degree in computer engineering.
  5. Hi, I been to Visa interview at Vancouver and VO asked me to provide H1 petition documents and transcripts from post-secondary from both India and USA. Later after 2weeks I got a mail from Consulate and asked me to appear at the consulate. When I been to consulate the VO told me that they sent my application to USCIS for educational evaluation and they asked USCIS to confirm whether I'm eligible to work on H1. I have a master's degree with 2 and half years of IT experience and my H1 petition got approved last April. Wondering why the Consulate asking USCIS to prove that I'm eligible to work on H1 again as my petition got approved. Does anyone in same situation as me?? I never heard/read this kind of query during VISA interview all I heard was during H1 approval process. http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/72968-221g-white-slip-vancouver-march0414/#entry284174
  6. maheshkb

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    Hey harish .. They have sent my application to uscis now for review and for educational evaluation ...
  7. maheshkb

    221(G) white slip Vancouver March04/14

    My employer says it takes a minimum of 2-3weeks for uscis to update consulate on my case.
  8. maheshkb

    221(G) white slip Vancouver March04/14

    I recieved a mail from vancouver fps to appear at consulate. I went today morning and the same lady who interviewed me showed up again and told me that "we sent your application to USCIS for educational evaluation. Now the decision is pending with them and consulate cannot do anything until we get an response from them. If they say that you're eligible to work on h1 we will approve and if not we are sorry." As my bachelor's is from mechanical domain and master's is in computers with 2&half years of IT experience. Wondering what would be the decision from USCIS. Can I apply for another H1 this April???
  9. maheshkb

    221(G) white slip Vancouver March04/14

    @hbadger nothing dude as of now.
  10. maheshkb

    221(G) white slip Vancouver March04/14

    They said that they are reviewing my documents and does administration process takes long time? Is anyone in same situation like me?? Said reviewing and no update yet. For me Case creation date and status updated date are same and never got changed :|
  11. maheshkb

    221(G) white slip Vancouver March04/14

    I see a new white 221g form is issued for me. As language in the document is different but content is same as the regular(what I most seen on internet) 221g white forms. http://imgur.com/w35kRgh%C2'>
  12. maheshkb

    221(G) white slip Vancouver March04/14

    I recieved a mail vancouver fps requesting to provide some doc yestrday morning. 1. All copies submitted during h1 petition 2. Transcripts or copies from post-secondary both India & US. Submitted them through loomis yesterday. Hope I hear something good soon.
  13. maheshkb

    221(G) white slip Vancouver March04/14

    @sri55 I have a master's degree with computer engineering from states and my bachelor's related to Mechanical from India.
  14. I had a Visa interview in Vancouver today and VO officer gave me a 221G white slip and told me that "we need to review your case and will update you further. Right now we don't need any additional documents " and then she returned my passport and took i-797 and DS-160 and my client and employer letters. I guess for issuing me an white slip would be I submitted my DS-160 on saturday, March1. Also She was confused with my client letter(s). She even asked me when your bachelor's was from Mech background why did you move to Computer's. Does anyone have same situation or waiting for an update for same 221g? Let me know. Im in Ramada D/town. As of now I didn't get any update from them as many people said It would take at least a day to create an issue/tracking number and let us know.
  15. Hi All, I had my interview today in Vancouver and VO officer provided me a white slip 221G and returned my passport and told me that she needs to review my document and Consulate will contact me once the process is completed. She didn't check any documents and said that she don't need any additional docs from ME. I asked her is there any ETA on this and she replied' No, I don't have any idea on it.' She took my I-797 form but returned my passport. Can someone help me with what is 221g white form / slip is actually? Does anyone how many does it takes for them to contact us? I submitted my DS-160 on saturday for my Tuesday interview.