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  1. nashua.1985

    Waiting H1b extesnion from last 6 months

    No body there on same boat..
  2. nashua.1985

    Previous H1B revoked, Transfer is in process

    1. No, you are not out of status..you are in status..it depends on outcome of new H1b. 2. No, You are good to go. 3. Yes it is fine..Dont worry. Good luck
  3. nashua.1985

    H1b Amendement

    Avg time would be 3 months..
  4. nashua.1985

    H1B extension pending since 1 year

    I have applied on decemebr 24th 2014 still waiting for updates.Thanks,
  5. Hello Guys, I need some help from you guys. I applied my H1 b extension on dec 24th 2014 and still waiting for my status to change. I received my receipt but no change after that. Does anybody on same boat. Let em know if you are waiting from 6 months. Am getting tensed because my wife stuck in india. She has to come here and waiting from long time.
  6. Is anybody waiting for h1 extension approvals who applied in 2014 December. Plz let me know if body there. Thanks,
  7. Hello, Let me know if any body is coming to Houston Tx from Hyderabad some time in May.