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  1. nick1913

    i539 Mother stay extension

    thats good to know it is taking 6 months and yes she will leave with in 25 days. hope everything goes good.
  2. nick1913

    i539 Mother stay extension

    Lets say it got Denied the Day before she was leaving. how can we verify if the visa has been canceled or not ?. Hope their is No grace period like 2 days or 1 week to go back after denial notice
  3. nick1913

    i539 Mother stay extension

    Thanks for your reply . but Plz don't judge everyone with same mindset of baby sitting. No one will celebrate Birthday a month ahead. We already know she will Turn 1.But due to winter season she was not keen on staying here. Its not one year will be unhappy but My mother and Family would be happy if Family stay Together. This is the same reason i even mentioned for extension and once again Thanks for reply
  4. nick1913

    i539 Mother stay extension

    Thank you
  5. nick1913

    i539 Mother stay extension

    I applied for my mother extension 30 days back and finished biometric on 11/26. Her return Ticket is on 12/08/19 and her i94 expires on 12/12/19 visa expires in 2022. As i already applied for i539 extension for 1 more month stay as we have my baby 1st birthday on Dec ending. 1) can she stay for 25 days more as we applied for i539 Until we get the decision and return immediately if decision is denied ?? 2) How long can she stay on i539 application pending ?? 3) if she stay during application pending ? will her visa gets cancelled for next time travel ?
  6. I have a appointment on March 18th Jamaica Kingston. Let me know if any one is on the same day or in the same week. so that we can share.