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  1. Hi All, I-140 approved on May 10, 2019 and H1B maxed out on May 11, 2019. Currently I am India. My employer is in process of filing H1B cap exempt. if it gets approved, Do I eligible for visa drop box (wait time in India is almost 2 months). Last stamped visa in passport on Jan 2019 for client A. But Jan to May 2019 - worked for client B having approved I797 for client B. H1B cap exempt is also for client B- same role, same office, same location. Do I eligible for visa interview-waiver?. US travel docs does not say anything related to H1B cap etc.. Need your inputs. Thanks Regards iamlaksh1
  2. iamlaksh1

    H4 to H1 - Pregnant time off

    All, My wife is in H1B and working in US for last 3 years and has valid visa till 2016. She is pregnant now, we would like to COS to H4 because of medical reasons. She would like to resume work after a certain period. But her current employer may not file H1 again. Question? a) When she comes to back to work, will it be new H1 petition? b) Do we need to wait till April cycle? or file any time under cap exempt? c) If we can COS to H1B any time, how long does it take to file new H1 for another employer? Please help me with me detailed answer. Thanks in advance,