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    221g Chennai Blue Slip

    I would like to Update my case status Visa : H1B ( 2nd Stamping ) OFC : 5th Jan 2014 Interview : 6th Jan 2014 Location : Chennai , India. CEAC Case date : 6th Jan 2014 I was given a 221g Blue form for administrative processing by the Visa Officer. Client approved letter ( was not in company letterhead ) , my employer letter addressing to USCIS, I797 and I129 were taken by the consulate at the time of interview. Updates : 1) Client verification happened on Jan 29th and the client responded immediately with in 2 days. 2) First Date Change : Feb 6th , but status still showed Administrative Processing. 3) USCIS emailed to pick up my document on Feb 13th . Collected my documents on Feb 14th and was asked to submit my passport through another 221g. I submitted my passport on the same day ( Feb 14th ) 3) Second Date Change : Feb 19th , but status showed Administrative Processing. 4) Third Date Change : Feb 21st , Status changed to Issued. 5) Collected my Passport with Approved H1B Visa on Feb 22nd. This Forum thread was so much helpful for me to track and judge my case . Thanks So much to folks who updated their case . I request every one to update their case, so that others can make a good judgement for themselves. Hope everyone soon comes out successfully from the 221g . Thanks