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  1. Thank you all for your response. What, if any, concerns exist in re-applying for greencard? If my Mom files for her spouse being a US Citizen, how long would it take?
  2. My father is a green card holder and has been out of country for 3+ years. Both his parents expired within one year and he had to resolve family matters involving real estate etc, which took him all this time. The green card is still valid. One other critical fact is that he did file for extended stay but had to leave before his fingerprint appointment. - I would like to know how he can return back to US to his wife, and family? My mother just became a US citizen. - What supporting documents can he provide to explain the cause of his stay in India, other than Death certificates of both parents. Since it was family dispute, the real estate was sold and bought under someone else's name. - Does he need to file for SB-1? - How will this be handled at the port of departure (India) and Port of entry (US)? I just want him to be back with his grand kids that he hasn't seen all this while. Please assist and advice further.