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  1. Jayashree84

    Filling Address Change Form

    Hi, I recently changed my job from Minneapolis to Indianapolis and joined a new employer. I am on H1B and my new employer has filed for my Visa Extension. 1. Can you please let me know if I need to submit AR-11 Form for Address change. 2. Is it compulsory to submit ? 3. If yes, then do I need to submit it online or hard copy ? Thanks & regards, Jayashree
  2. Jayashree84

    Difference between I-797 and I-129

    Thank you all for clarifying this difference. This helped me.
  3. Jayashree84

    Difference between I-797 and I-129

    Hi, My new Employer filed I-797 application for my H1B transfer and visa extension. When I asked about I-129 form, I was told it is same as my H1B petition document. Can you please tell me what is the difference between I-797 H1B Petition document and I-129 Form ? Is it mandatory to submit I-129 Form ? Thanks & Regards, Jayashree