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  1. Thanks pontevecchio. My status here is US citizen.
  2. My parents have a 10 year Multiple entry Visitor visa from 2004. During their visit in 2009 we had applied for Extension of stay just before the end of 6 month period. On the 9th month the application was denied and they were asked to leave within 30 days on receipt of the denial letter. Parents left immediately back to India. On their second subsequent trip in 2012 the port of entry officials said that since they over stayed due to the pending petition from 2009 that their Visa is automatically cancelled and that they should have gone for Visa interview before flying to US. As a courtesy, they were given a one time entry by the POE officials for 6 months. They also striked the visa and wrote 'Cancelled' across the visa. Now we are trying to renew their B2 Visa, In trying to fill the DS-160 form, it is asking if their US visa was ever revoked or cancelled ? Show we answer yes/no to this question ? Also we do not have the visa extension denial letter from 2009. But their old passport still has the immigration stamp from India. Please advise what supporting document would help for their Visa Renewal for B2 ? Thanks Avinash