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  1. Hi, I have a question about the number of days we can be out of country during a semester. Planning to take a month and half break and go to India due to a family event. I have just one course which is independent study for the semester. Is there any federally mandated holiday period during a semester? Thanks, H...
  2. 3-4 business days in general.
  3. Ok. Point taken. So the salary on W2 is what we need to enter on Ds 160. Thank you guys for all the responses
  4. Hello All, I have a visa appointment on October 23rd in Canada. In DS 160 for my salary I have written amount on LCA (~60K) and in my offer letter it is mentioned that my base salary is 60K. But my W2's run at a higher amount. Would that be a problem? How can I defend that? Can anyone please let me know their thoughts so that I could be prepared for my interview. Thanks, H
  5. Hello, I have my appointment on april 28 as well. I dont see an email in your profile. COuld you send me an email. If you go to my profile you will find my email id.
  6. hs36

    H1 visa interview on April 29th in Jamaica

    Hello, I have my appoinment on April 28th as well. Is your appointment on the same day? Where are you flying from? Please let me know so that we could plan on accomodation. I am flying in from phoenix. Also how do I see your email or phone number in your profile? The admin seems to be masking emails and phone numbers. Thanks!
  7. hs36

    H1 visa interview on April 29th in Jamaica

    Hello Guys, I have my appointment on April 28th as well. Looking for a place to share! Any suggestions? I am flying in from Phoenix. Thanks, Harish
  8. Hello, I applied for an H1B petition in April 2012 when I am on my OPT and the Change of Status Petition got approved in April 2012 with a start date of October 1, 2012. The I94 number on the I797 and the I94 number with my passport are the same. I travelled in June 2012 and returned in July 2012 in F1 status and got a new I94 at the port of entry with validity till D/S. Is my Chnage of Status from October 1 2012 still valid? If somebody asks me for my I94 should I be giving the new I94 I received at the port of entry or the I94 I have with my I797? My employer is filing for my GC and the attorney filing told me that my intervening admission to US before October 2012 voided my H1B Change of Status and I overstayed in the US. Based on the underlying link I dont see any problem. http://www.murthy.com/2005/05/06/travel-after-change-of-status-approval-with-future-start-date/ Could somebody please confirm whether I am legally in the US and what I94 number should I be using and should I update anything with USCIS? Thanks!