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  1. toronto_waiter

    Any 221g Cases Toronto in 2014

    Hello all, Myself and DKHS has met at the consulate today. I got an email earlier today and DKHS's passport was requested to be dropped after he spoke with the lady at the window at the consulate. No client calls. No employer verification or anything. Feb 6th - Interview and Docs sent Feb.7th - Attorney sent my entire H1B packet. Multiple email in between. Got a response saying still processing. Feb 25th - Email received. Passport submitted Will pick on the 27th. 21 days including 4 weekends and 1 federal holiday. Good luck all of you.
  2. toronto_waiter

    Any 221g Cases Toronto in 2014

    Dear DKHS, I will be wearing a black jeans and black jacket with brown leather shoes. There is a small bus-stop kind of a thing right in front of the consulate's entrance where some sort of construction is taking place. I will be there. See you tomorrow.
  3. toronto_waiter

    Any 221g Cases Toronto in 2014

    DKHS, Tuesday at 1PM near the consulate sounds good to me. The officer didn't ask me for my petition. But, reading other forum posts, I decided to prove the confidence level of my case. There is no loss what so ever. So, I asked my attorney to email the consulate. They did. Now everyone knows who is who and there are no pending documents in my case of any sort. Rather than waiting for them to ask you documents, just go ahead and submit them. You never know how are they going to help. The moderators are updating the posts slowly. But, anyways, please stay in touch with this post. I will let you know on Monday evening on how to recognize each other at the consulate when we meet on Tuesday.
  4. toronto_waiter

    Any 221g Cases Toronto in 2014

    DKHS, I don't remember the guy's name. He was wearing a suit with a tie and a clean bald head guy. No updates. My attorneys emailed all the H1B petition documentation that was submitted to USCIS to the consulate on Monday. I got a response on Tuesday saying still processing. Planning to go visit the consulate sometime next week. Would you like to meet next week at the consulate with me? Please let me know. Do you have any updates?
  5. toronto_waiter

    221g- yellow- Toronto - Dec 31st

    Hi Toronto2014, Congrats on finding someone who is in the same boat like you. I went to the Toronto consulate on Thursday at 10:30. The VO took my I-797 and returned my passport along with an yellow 221g. Asked me to submit my CV through email. I did it by 11Am on the same day. Based on suggestions from other members, I didn't wait for any email and just asked my attorney to email all my H1B petition documents to the consulate. They did it on Monday morning. I got an email on Tuesday morning saying that the documents have been received and all processing is un-finished. No update since then on the CEAC website either. Planning to go speak to the officer at the glass window sometime next week. If you have any updates or questions, let me know. I will do the same in this post. Good luck my friend.
  6. toronto_waiter

    Any 221g Cases Toronto in 2014

    Hi, I have been to Toronto consulate on 5th Hi Dinesh, I attended my interview on the same day like you. Vo: Are you a visitor to canada? XX: Yes VO: What do you do? XX: Computational Biologist VO: What is annual salary? XX: $$$$ VO:Where is your office? XX: MD VO:Do you have a family in the US? XX: No VO: I recommend your visa for approval, but we have to do some administrative processing. Here is a form, please send your CV to that ID. Should hear a response soon. XX: I said thank you and left. Sent CV in 10 mins. Replied back saying received. What questions did they ask you?