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  1. Thank you Jairichi for your reply. We will soon be meeting with university lawyers in a few days. Waiting to hear what they have to say.
  2. Hi, I am requesting on my wife's behalf. We are planning to apply for the EB1B and her credentials are: 1. PhD in Chemistry and currently Assistant Scientist in a top 50 univ. Currently working on industry sponsored projects and the work would not lead to papers, but only patents. 2. Publication citations: 24 from 3 publications. 3. Due to the kind of work, the lab generally publishes patents: she has 3 published patents (1st author in two) and 2 patents in process. 4. Talk/poster presentations in over 15 conferences. 5. Assistant editor in 1 journal. 6. Few accolades during doctorate studies. Are patents at all considered for the EB1B or journal publications are valued much more? We'll be able to obtain 8-10 recommendations. Also how much time does it generally take to receive an EAD? I would greatly appreciate your feedback. Thank you. Hselin
  3. hselin

    OPT Going from higher to lower degree

    Thank you for your reply. Yes, I finished my PhD in 2012. The international office is not encouraging me to apply for OPT, however, I don't think they can stop me from applying. Thank you for your suggestion to include some rationale explaining my decision to go for MBA right after PhD. If I file for OPT, I'll update what happens. Thanks. Hselin
  4. Hi, I would like to request some insights about OPT when I am going from the higher (doctoral) degree to a lower (MBA) degree. I had finished all the research work and wrote my thesis and was waiting for the defense (which happened in December 2012). Meanwhile, I started my MBA at another school from August 2012. I was given a new I-20 from the new school with transfer status. I did not take any OPT after or during PhD. As I am finishing MBA, I need to know if I can avail a 12 month OPT. Upon inquiring at the international office, I was told that my OPT will likely be declined but they can't stop me from filing an OPT. However, they could not show me a rule saying that "I am not eligible for OPT when I go from a higher to lower degree while I have not applied to OPT previously". I was wondering if anyone provide input on it, or if anyone has faced a similar situation. Thanks. Hselin