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  1. nsingh04

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    Hi DKHS, I picked up my passport from the Loomis center Monday morning and came back to the US the same day. Regarding your question- It’s okay to have 4-5 sentences of your current and past research/project in the resume but I think you should send at least one-page details of all research projects separately. I had submitted at least 2-page description of each project to them. The project description was broken down into 3 parts for convenience. Problem statement and scope of study Methodology and Results Application of the study If you want more information, I can contact you directly instead of the forum. Let me know.
  2. nsingh04

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    Hi DKHS, I still haven't got my passport and it is taking longer than anticipated! The consulate got back to be on Thursday informing me that my passport will be picked up by the Loomis service in the afternoon. Below is what they sent me- " Thank you for contacting the U.S. Consulate General in Toronto. We are glad to inform you that your visa was printed and Loomis will pick your passport up from the Consulate this afternoon for delivery to the pickup location of your choice." So after reading people's recommendation (in this forum), that Loomis can give you the passport with the reference number, I headed to Brampton. This was a mistake! The staff told me that either the passport isn't there or it has been picked up but wasn't checked into their system so they couldn't give it to me. They asked me to wait for the email from them, which is generated after the passport is checked into their system and has the waybill number. Later on Friday evening I receive an email from Loomis center with the subject "Loomis-Express has your passport but it's not ready to pickup" which was really strange. Because if they have the passport and I have asked for the pick-up service, I should be able to pick it up first thing Monday. Anyway lets see how it goes on Monday... Based on my experience with the consulate and Loomis center, my advice regarding passport pickup is- If the CSC Visa information website isn’t updated within 10 days of submitting your passport to the consulate, send an email to TRTNIV@state.gov. You will definitely hear back from them in 3 working days. Don’t go to the Loomis center if you don’t have the Loomis waybill number (and email confirmation from them). If you still want try your luck with your reference number, make sure you track your passport on the Loomis website using the reference ID before making the trip. The staff will do the same thing and tell you if it has/ hasn’t arrived! But if you lucky maybe they are just entering it into the system I would highly recommend calling the Loomis customer service if you receive an email with similar subject line. Confirm with them if you can pick up your passport before making the trip. I don’t know about the rest of you but Visa application (new/renewal) is a living nightmares. I wish the protocol for this procedure were more definite and concrete! Good luck to you all. NSingh
  3. nsingh04

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    Hi, The consulate sent me two different requests, one through email and the other on the 221g yellow form. Their request was different on both mode of communication so I had to prepare a lot of documents to email them. Below are the details - Complete C.V. (Resume) - Complete list of publications - Detailed descriptions of your research or work - Specific Travel Itinerary and Port of Entry into the United States - Travel History to all countries over the last 15 years - Names of Sibling/Children/ Spouses - Address During the last 15 years - Prior occupation going back 15 years In additional to the above, I also provided them with letter from my Supervisor and Head of Department. I had submitted similar document when I applied for the J-1 visa the first time (In India) so I updated those documents and sent it to them before the next working day. I heard back from them on the 10th of February, requesting me to send them my passport through the Loomis center. This is the summary of my case: 17 January 2014 - Interview for J1 renewal visa at Toronto Consulate. 17 January 2014 - VO issued 221G yellow paper requesting additional documents. They also returned my passport. 20 January 2014- Submitted additional documents via email in word format. 21 January 2014 - Received email confirmation stating that they have received my additional document and are processing it. 10 February 2014 - Received email to submit my passport ASAP, either in person to the consulate or the Loomis courier service. I submitted it through the Loomis courier service and it arrive at their facility on the 11th of Feb. 16 February - Still waiting for an email confirmation from the Loomis center for delivery and even checking the CSC Visa appointment page. Nothing has been updated!!!! I plan on calling them first thing tomorrow. The weird thing with my processing was that nothing was updated on my CSC Visa page and I had to wait for them to communicate through email. You would think that they would have an efficient way of updating everything online since they do these things so often. Anyway I am hoping to get my passport within this week and heaing back to the US. I hope your processing is not as frustrating as mine. They usually dont get back to you before 2 weeks. I didn't follow up through phone calls but looking at the suggestions above I should have. Give them a call after 2 weeks and check your status. NSingh
  4. nsingh04

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    I am working as a Researcher in NY state and had got documents for extention of my J-1 visa from my employer. I decided to go to Toronto for the visa renewal as it was just 5 hours from my place. Just as most the people on this forum, I was handed a 221g Yellow form after my Visa interview. My interview date was 17 Jan 2014 and the same evening I got an email from the consulte requesting the addtional documents. I submitted all on document via email to the consulate on the 20th of Jan but since it was a holiday they got back to me on the 21st of Jan with the standard reply- " Thank you for your message and for submitting required documents. As soon as we have further information on your case, we will immediately notify you of the next steps required to complete your application." I went through most of the post in this forum and realized they are for H-1b visa, does anyone has experience with J-1 visa processing time? I also made an account with checkee and realized very few people have applied for the J-1 renewal visa like me. My employeer has allowed me to work remotely from Canada for sometime but I dont want to push it too far. It would be great if someone could advise me on an estimated processing time.