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  1. gforgemini

    EB2 from INDIA

    My employer is planning to apply green card under EB2 category. I am a Canadian citizen but was born in India (country of birth). I have a question about the country priority date. Do I fall under Indian country or Canada country for my priority date? Please let me know.
  2. gforgemini

    canadian citizen work in USA

    Can canadian citizen work in US without employer sponsership? Does canadian citizens apply for US green card directly without converting into H1B visa?
  3. gforgemini

    Perm labor application

    Thanks much Shandan. My question is 1. Do my employer has to file PERM labor application before the end of my 6 year H1B period in order to extend my H1B once the labor approved with the same H1B visa number? 2. What is the condition for me not to fall under new H1B cap quota again after 6 years of H1B?
  4. gforgemini

    Perm labor application

    1. Can an employer file for labor after 6 years of H1B visa or does the employer has to file for labor before the employee completes his/her 6 years of H1B? 2. If the employer files for labor after 6 years of H1B, then whether employee will get H1B extension of previous H1B Visa after perm approval? or it will fall under new H1B quota? 3. Is there any timeline for employer to file for Perm labor application after 6 year of H1B visa expiration date?
  5. I am completing my 6 years of H1B in September this year and my employer is working on applying GC before that time. My questions are: 1. Can I apply COS from H1 to Visitor Visa to visitor visa to remain in US instead of leaving the country? 2. If so, by when I should apply for COS? 3. Do I have to leave the US for getting the visa stamp in my passport or Can I stay here in US with just the approval? 4. After clearing the labor approval, Can I switch back to H1 from Visitor visa? Please let me know the pros and cons of this situation. Thanks much in advance for your advice.
  6. My H1B expires in september this year and my employer is working on applying for PR Card. Given the timeline and labor approval process, Can I stay in US by getting I20 from any school to avoid out of status and instead of leaving the country? Can I switch back to H1B after I hear the labor approval of PR process, when I am here in US? Please reply with any pros and cons of this situation.
  7. gforgemini

    H1 to F1 status

    I got my H1 under US masters quota and finishing my six years H1 visa in this year. my employer is giving me options to stay in US. I have some questions below regarding this issue: 1. Can I switch back to student visa status after completing my 6 years of H1B to remain in US (instead of leaving the country for one year)? 2. If I become student again, do I get again my new OPT and fresh H1B visa after completing this new masters degree in US?
  8. Thanks much for your replies. But, I was looking at murthy's forum during 2011 and got answer for one of my similar question below; - Can I still continue to be on US pay roll being located outside of US? * No, its illegal/fraud. It may impact on your next H1B or GC. It was answered that time that the person cannot be on US payroll and so cannot work when outside US. Please advice whether I can work with the same employer even being outside US for this one year period? One more question is do I have to go to my home country (India) or any other country for one year for being physically located outside US? I have Canada PR Card. So, Can I go to Canada during this one year and get H1B stamping in Canada after completing one year and come to US directly from there? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi, My 6 years of H1B will end on last week of september 2014 and my employer has not filed my GC yet. My employer is giving me options of leaving the country for an year and come back to US with fresh H1B visa. I have some questions regarding my issue. 1. Can I work and get paid with same employer when I am outside US? 2. I got my H1B under US masters quota. So, If I apply fresh H1B, will it be under general quota or US masters quota or any separate quota for working with same employer? 3. For this kind of situations, getting fresh H1B will be difficult to obtain? Please let me know.