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  1. if they call you for fingerprinting, does it indicate that the have accepted your naturalization application to become a citizen? or it all depends on interview?
  2. Hi, I entered us on b1/b2 got married here and my permanent resident husband filed i-130 for me before my i-94 expired in july. Now i have overstayed my i-94 for more than 6 months waiting for my petition to approve and my husband is going to be a citizen next year that will speed up the process. I am a physician and I have found a hospital who is willing to give me H-1. my questions are: 1- is it possible to have h-1 now and wait for green card through my husband? 2- since i overstayed i-94, am i eligible for h-1 or not?
  3. My husband applied for naturalization in end of October , had his finger-printing done. but his application has been in-line( according to uscis track my case) since 26 of November. It has been 70 days now, is it usual? should we call uscis to know how long is it going to take?
  4. rk444

    Need help!

    My husband got green card through family in 2003 but couldn't maintain permanent residence in america because he was studying in medical school back home until 2009. He also got a re-entry once for one year before 2009. After finishing medical school he started studying for medical licensing exams for america (usmle) while staying at home in his country (these are computer based exams and you can prepare for them staying at home, he chose to stay back home until he is done with exam because it was expensive for him to stay in America and prepare for these board exams). Meanwhile he started looking for a job in america in 2010 and interviewing with different universities on phone and skype, He maintained his bank account, mailing address in the US. He got job here in April 2011. Since then he has been staying in america and now working as a surgeon. He is eligible for citizenship he satisfies 30 months rule but he has burden of proof for 2009 and 2010 fro which he stayed more than 6 months but less than one year out of america. if he is able to prove his intent to immigration officer he will be granted citizenship this year. My questions are: 1- As he never did a job back home and was studying for the united states medical boards exams in 2009 and 2010 and was interviewing with the US universities justifies his more than 6 months but less than a year absence from the US?
  5. Thanks for your answers. when my process is complete and I get green card, will they still doubt her when she applies for visit visa?
  6. rk444


    what does this mean?
  7. rk444


    what does this mean?
  8. Hi,I came to the USA on B1/B2 and got married here. My permanent resident husband filed for my i-130 and Now my i-94 has expired and i am out of status until my husband becomes citizen (for one more year) and I get green card. I got receipt number for i-130. My mother wants to visit me and she has to mention my status on ds-160. She is a govt. servant with 960,000 income per annum in local currency, owns a house and my father and brothers are living back home as well. She has good ties with her country but my question is , 1what negative affect my status can have on her visa decision or is it irrelevant? 2- should she apply or wait for me to get a status in the us to have better chance of acceptance?