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  1. Thank you Gopal - I was going to ask the same question pertaining th OTTAWA Consulate. I will also try to email them directly!
  2. Never heard about this kind of situation!
  3. If your old H1B is expired then according to me you cannot be entering US unless you have a valid stamp on you passport. Hopefully you get few more replies on this
  4. I agree with above - Just stay in Ottawa for 3-4 days, pick up your passport and then go to toronto.
  5. pranav87

    H4 to H1

    Thank you very much for your reply!
  6. pranav87


    Thank you for sharing your experience - Good luck & Congrats
  7. pranav87

    H4 to H1

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to find out details on going from H4 to H1 for my wife. I am currently on H1 and it's expiring in april (6th year). Got my extension approval notice until 2022. My wife got her H4 & H4 EAD extension approved as well until 2022. Her employer wants to apply for H1. Following are my questions; 1. Assuming she gets selected in the lottery and get H1B approval Notice, but she decided to continue on H4 rather, is it possible? (there are some other concerns for which she MAY have to continue on H4 - personal) 2. Once she gets her H1B Approval Notice - do we need to apply for COS from H1 to H4. Not sure, if I read it correctly in one of the post but there was some mentioning of NOT ACTIVATING H1, if one wants to continue on H4 3. We were planning to go to Canada someitme in July for visa stamping of H1 & H4 respectively. Can we do that while her H1B is in process?
  8. Thank you Every one - Went with PP - got approved within a week. Again I appreciate the responses!
  9. pranav87

    H4 to H1B COS

    If you wife currently is in US on H4 which means her H1B is no longer valid. This is because she entered US on H4, that is what I would assume. But her company's lawyer can work out this if there is way to transfer back to H1B which I am really not sure about and start working immediately. For a petition to be approved is one thing and since she entered on H4 visa she cannot continue with H1B. Now again, I have never heard about this kind of a situation, so my comments are mere my opinion. Keep us posted though!
  10. @Nani1149 - if you dont mind, which field was it in? STEM or Business? (H1B Extension PP)
  11. Thank you that link was helpful could check other things as well! Appreciate for the response!
  12. Hello Everyone, If an applicant is eligible to apply for H1B Extension in Premium Processing, should he/she go for PP or Regular processing. The reason for this question was because recently after reading couple of articles, I came across few pointers that a lot (almost every1) of RFE's have been issued to the one's applying through Premium Processing as the officers are getting lot of applicants through PP and some sort of trick is going around by issuing RFE in order to extend the time of replying within 2 weeks. Any opinion or recent experience would really help! Thanks
  13. pranav87

    H1B stamping in Ottawa

    I had done my new H1 Stapmping in 2014 from f1 to H1 - was perfect! Again as every1 says - carry all the required documents, Answer honestly and with confidence!
  14. pranav87

    H1B stamping in Ottawa

    Hi Kavya, Just go on Hotels.com and check for the available hotels - Not sure which one's are still availablea for the dates - But considering that consulate is in downtow - you should be able to find couple 1. Corporate Stays - Lisgar Street. Across the bridge in Gatineau there are couple of them as well! We are staying in Embassy Suites in downtown Documents, 1. Appointment letter - DS 160 Confirmation, Passport, 797's, I 129, Pay stubs for couple of months, Offer letter, (Client & Vendor Letter, if any)2 passport size photos, RESUME must You may want to read other posts as well on documents! @honey1991: No Issues - Just have complete set of documents! this is my second time stamping - had no issues for First time