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    EB2 NIW and EB2

    Thank you for the response jairichi.
  2. Dear All, I am a PhD student specializing in pharmaceutical drug delivery research but worked in the US in pharmaceutical industries for more than 5 years before joining for PhD. Recently, I came across the EB2 NIW. I have a question that I would like to clarify regarding the difference between EB2 and EB2-NIW. I read from the posted websites that for EB2-NIW, there is no requirement for job offer letter as well as labor condition approval but for general EB-2, a job offer letter and labor conditional approval are must. My question is, say an individual files for I-140 under EB2 NIW and another individual files for I-140 under general EB2 (assume that he already got his labor cleared) and say both of them got their approval at the same time, would there be any difference between these two for filing I-485 in terms of their waiting period? In other words, can the individual who got approval under EB2-NIW apply earlier for I-485 than the general EB2 category candidate? Or the waiting time for filing I-485 is same for both irrespective of the EB2-NIW or EB2 general category? Does the nationality/ country of origin matters here? Please share your thoughts and advice. Thank you for your time.
  3. Dear Friends, Thank you for all of your replies. Even when I talked to other friends, they recommended to consult with an attorney. If you came across any similar stories or cases and about the outcome, would you please take a minute to post here? Or if there are any websites that I can find cases similar to mine, would you please let me know? Thank you.
  4. Dear Friends, I have a question with the EB1 GC processing. I did MS here in US and went for job (Research Scientist - Pharmaceutical Industry R&D), worked for around 5 years in a specific drug delivery area in a top pharmaceutical company under H1B visa. Recently, I resigned my job and joined for full time PhD under F1 visa. Since I want to specialize in my field, I joined the same area of drug delivery and I am working (as a graduate student) under a world-renowned faculty in that specific area. My question is say during my third of my PhD studies, if I have few publications and patents (already working them), with my five years industrial experience, would it be possible to apply for Greencard under EB1 category? FYI, my area of research is very specific. Only few scientists are working in my field around the world. If anybody can help me here, I would really appreciate it. Thank you. GCEB1