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  1. SSSalem

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    Finally, I got my PP with visa stamp on Friday Jan 31. Total waiting time is 240 days up to clearance and 30 days for process visa
  2. SSSalem

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    Any comments or opinion on my pervious post. What you think Parker? Thanks in advance
  3. SSSalem

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    My visa office is Toronto US Consulate.
  4. SSSalem

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    Hi all, I need your comment and advice: My B1 visa interview was in Mar 2013. VO gave me yellow sheet and returned my passport for administrative review. After 1bout 90 days, VO sent me email and say my application is refused due to that administrative has not been completed. On Dec 12, 2013, VO sent me clearance email and asked for passport and the email say it will need a week to complete and send your passport back. On Jan 06, 2014 VO sent me email and asked for US $10 money order. I did in the same day and I sent it. On Jan 20 I sent email asking for statues update. On Jan 23, I received email say that my application is under administrative review. up today, I am waiting and I don't know, how they say in the clearance email, it needs a week, and latter on they say it is under administrative review. My understanding, all review is complete when VO send clearance email. Now, I have conference presentation in March and I don't know what is the issue. Please any one has idea, let me know.