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  1. kmunnanoory

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    Atlast received the passports yesterday. Total wait time was 68 days. Interview Date: 17th Jan, handed green sheet and said 2 weeks Documents asked on 23rd Jan, submitted on 28th Jan. Documents asked on 28th Jan, submitted on 10th Feb Documents asked on 14th Feb, submitted on 21st Feb Documents asked on 28th Feb, submitted on 28th Feb Received clearance email on 19th March, submitted passports on 20th March Received passports on 26th March All documents were asked related to POs, client details,my job duties and my employer details. I would had given all that if they would had asked me on interview date. One thing for sure is for AP they issue the visa but it takes time. We need to send emails, call consulate to follow up the case. I assume this will expedite the process. Atleast it happened in my case.
  2. kmunnanoory

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    I called consulate on 416.595.1700 and explained that it has been 60 days. Next day I received clearance email to submit the passports. Submitted the passports on 3/20, waiting for Loomis email. In fact requested for personal pick from consulate but they said they do not know when the passports will be ready for pick up. How can I find out when the passports are ready? Called on 6479553736 but does not tell the actual status. Please suggest.
  3. kmunnanoory

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    If you are single, you can look for a paying guest option somewhere near to Toronto. I would think that would be cheaper than your airline tickets. There is a risk if your Canada visa is delayed in India. average AP process in 45 days. Your application is valid for 1 year. You can submit your passports with in one year from your visa interview date.
  4. kmunnanoory

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    My H1B interview (along with wife & daughter - H4) was on 17th Jan'14. Interview went very easy but VO handed a green slip and mentioned need 2 weeks time. handed the PP's back but took the original I797. This is my 3rd H1B extn (I140 approved). On 1/23 received email asking for description of my project which I have submitted on 1/28 personally. Somehow they allowed me inside the consulate. VO asked for more details about my job description, clients etc. I have the emailed the details on 2/10. On 2/14 asked for clients contracts with works orders for my services. Provided on 2/21. On 2/28 asked for another client contact information. Provided on 2/28 I came to know from my petitioner that 2 clients received calls and they gave +ve reply. In last 2 weeks I sent 3 emails asking for status update but no reply. its 60 days and waiting. People are waiting 100+ days, I am so scared. Not sure what to do, return to India or wait and take the pain. Any suggestions on how to get a status update apart from the CEAC site? Yesterday I asked my attorney to send an email asking for status update. Kiran