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  1. @Beebs, Hopefully urs will changed too. Please check if u haven't yet. I was constantly checking and noticed the update just now. Good Luck
  2. Hi Draj.. My status changed to Issued. Did yours? Please let me know. I am not sure what do to next. Thanks.
  3. vanasthali

    H1B Visa Calgary- Visa Approved- Petition not online

    Hi Guys, I just checked and my visa status is moved to ISSUED. Any idea what i should do now.Wait to see waybill number in https://usvisa-info.com/ or call them . Would they have already got the passport . Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. vanasthali

    H1B Visa Calgary- Visa Approved- Petition not online

    Hi Draj, Did you get any update. Would like to get in touch. Please email me if you do. Thanks!
  5. vanasthali

    H1B Visa Calgary- Visa Approved- Petition not online

    Hi All, Thanks for you responses. Below is my experience Went in 10 min earlier to the appointment time. Took cell phone with me..bad idea...DO NOT take anything that is explicitly prohibited in Appt confirmation letter. Initially a lady checked my passport and gave a number. Then another lady verified the documents and asked me wait. After an hour my number was up. Below is how it went VO : Good Morning ME : Good Morning Passed my documents (DS-160,I-797,PASSPORT) VO : Who is your client ME : XXX Company VO : Which state do you live in ME : XX VO : What is the highest degree u have ME : BE VO : Whats the subject ME : XXX VO : Where did you do that ME : In India VO : I see xx is employer. How long have been working there ME : XX time VO : Are they paying you correctly and on time ME : yes. No problems VO : I see they applied for you green card ME : Yes VO : Thats great. Did you get the brochure on labor rights ME : Yes. I got it and read it VO : Good. I need to make sure you get it. Your visa is approved. Your petition is not online. Will be online by tomm noon. Your visa will be sent to Loomis branch in 3-5 business days ME : (i asked gently )You said my petition was not online. What does it mean VO : Your petition details are not available in the system. It should be updated in a day. ME : Ok. Thank you. Hope that helps.
  6. Hi Beebs, Did you send an email to the consulate or receive your passport.
  7. Hi draj, I am in the same boat as you. My interview was on Jan 22 and was told the same thing..PIMS database is not updated with my information ..will take an additional day..passport will be sent to Loomis in 3-5 business days. I just checked the visa status using the link sam provided (thank you Sam) and it says Admin Processing which can take a several weeks or longer. What is your visa status? Please post any updates from your side. Will do the same. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, I attended the interview for my H1B Visa stamping at Calgary on 22nd Jan14. Thanks to all who shared thier exp on the forums here. I will be posting mine soon. The int went well and my visa was approved. But the consular/interviewer said that my petition was not online and it will be in a day or 2 for it be onlline.Then the passport will be sent to Loomis branch. She said it might 3-5 business days. Any body had the same issue before. What does petition was not online mean. Is it because i submitted DS-160 just 2 days before the interview. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.