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  1. Hello, I am applying for visiting visa for my parents. I am on H4 Visa working on H4 EAD. IS it fine if I send the invitation letters and be mentioned as point of contact on the DS 160 forms OR should it have be my HUSBAND who is on H1 be the person inviting them and be the contact person on DS 160? Or does it not matter at all?
  2. Chanakya2020

    H1 B - Port of Entry - Miami

    Hello, Any experiences with port of entry at Miami? Please share. This is the first time I will be entering through Miami, wanted to know how POE is usually.
  3. Hello, I am travelling to India and will return in September 2018. My current visa stamping is valid until January 2019, this was with my Past Employer. Will it still be Required to go through visa Interview or stamping process for H1b visa approved through my current employer? I am assuming it is optional as I have a valid stamping (i.e. previous employer) during my return. Additionally, I will be carrying the I-797 issued with current employer that is valid until Dec 2020. Please advise. Thanks
  4. Hello, My H4 EAD is due until Jan 30 2019 , my spouse H1 is valid until Dec 2020. Technically, I am eligible to apply for H4 EAD renewal after August 1st , but can I apply prior to August 1st. H4 EAD is on verge of being removed, so wanted to see if an extension can be applied before that. Any response would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Chanakya2020

    H4EAD renewal before 180days ?

    Hey vivek, Any luck with your application that is filed before 180 days. I am in exact scenario , any information would be really helpful. Thanks in advance.
  6. Chanakya2020

    H4 EAD extension renewal after H1B transfer approved

    Hello, I am in similar scenario. Any kind of information on this would help me as well. Please provide if any.
  7. Chanakya2020

    H4 EAD Renewal based on my new H4 and my spouse H1B Approvals

    Hello, I am in same situation where H4 ead is due until Jan 2019, but H4 and spouse H1 are valid until Dec 2020 which were applied during change of employer. Question is: Is it fine to apply for H4 EAD renewal before 180 days of Expiry? And Would I still get an renewal if the old employer withdraws the I 140? Your responses could be helpful for my case. Appreciate in advance.
  8. Chanakya2020

    H4 EAD extension

    Thanks for the response. Yes it cannot be revoked at USCIS end unless classified as fraud, employer can withdraw it from their end for audit purposes. So,checking to see if withdrawing would have any impact.
  9. Chanakya2020

    H4 EAD extension

    Hello, I was on H1-B (which was due until Jan 2019) with Employer A until Jan 2018. I have an approved I-140 with them (approved for more than 180 days). Currently I am working for Employer B since Feb 2018.Right now I have an approved H1-B with Employer B until Dec 2020. My wife's H4 EAD was due until Jan 2019, so planning to apply for renewal in August 2018 and employer A notified that they would withdraw the I-140 Any time soon. Provided this information what are my options to extend's wife's H4 EAD. 1. Would she be eligible to get an extension if the I-140 with employer is withdrawn? 2. Can she apply for H4 EAD extension now which is an Year early? (As of now I -140 with employer A is yet to be withdrawn).? 3. What would be the case if , H4 Ead is applied a year before and while it's processing what if Employer A withdraw's I-140? How does it imact the extension application? Does she lose current validity as well on the H4 EAD?
  10. Chanakya2020

    DS 160 Expired

    I have the same scenario. Did filling the new DS-160 worked??
  11. Chanakya2020

    DS 160 expired Canada

    Hi, I have my appointment scheduled in Quebec city on Aug 3rd. I didn't submit my ds 160 and realized it is now expired. Am unable to edit or modify the ds 160 number in the appointment confirmation. I created a new ds 160 and submitted. Can I carry the new ds 160 on my visa date?? Now I am in Canada and I see no appointments available till 3rd week of november. Please advise.
  12. Here is my experience. At entrance, checked ds 160, passport, canada visitor visa, passport photo. Went through security gate, then was seated for about 20-30 minutes. taken upstairs later, At counter 1, passport was checked, asked for I 797 and photo. After checking those, she asked me to go to counter 4 for fingerprints. At counter 4, Finger prints provided. She then asked me stand in the line next for visa interview. Visa Interview (2 counters, 6 and 8). I did see multiple category visa interviews , sounded like every one got approved as far as I saw. Mine was at counter 8, VO: Hi. VO: Where do you work? Answered VO: Asked about a responsibility that's mentioned in the DS 160. Explained on that VO: How long were you with this employer Answered VO: What is your higher education Answered VO: annual pay? VO: Where was your pass visa issued? Hyderabad? last visa was issues here in Calgary. Provided him the old passport that has it. VO: What is your wife name? Answered VO: Where was she issues last visa? Answered. He typed something in system after every question and finally kept the passport, gave back i 797 and pamphlet. Told visa is approved, Thank you All, Good Luck
  13. Chanakya2020

    Successful H1B Stamping in Calgary Apr 25

    Hi, Thanks for all i information. I am done with my interview too. At what time on Thursday did you get the passport pick up email?
  14. Hi,

    Can you provide the details like where to stay near by Calgary embassy?




  15. Chanakya2020

    Successful H1B Stamping in Calgary Apr 25

    Hello, Thanks for posting your experience. As far as you know, did it go well for other candidates as well or were there any queries/221's?