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  1. Not living in the US, the priority date is current, how to proceed for applying I-485
  2. Hi, My priority date now becomes current. Currently, I'm in India and do not hold an H1b. Can I still apply for I-485 for the adjustment of status? I believe I can not because currently, I'm not residing in the USA, in this case, what will be the other options for me to file I-485? or to proceed with my GC process. your valuable suggestions are welcome. Thanks & Regards Saif.
  3. Ashraf, please share me your email address.
  4. Assalamualikum, Dear Ashraf first congrats to you for your visa and thanks for the information. I will call the us state department and then will email you. here is my email address ***********@gmail.com Thanks for your help. Jazakallah.
  5. Hi Ashraf, Thanks for the reply, Yes my case status is still same, but I never try to call US Department Of States in fact I never know if we can call and find out the status of our case. keep checking your email, I heard sometimes status never change or change later but as you said if the administrative processing is completed then you get an email from the embassy for your visa collection I hope you will get your visa soon. Ashraf as you said you had a call to US Department Of States, I will appreciate you if you please share the calling number and call experience between you and the officer, so that I can also call and find out my case status, It will be great help for me. which embassy you had the interview? mine is Ottawa. Jazakallah. waiting for your reply eagerly Noaman.
  6. Hi ash310, we are not sure how much time they will take to decide a decision on our visa, I can not suggest anything because anytime they can ask to come and pickup visa, but if you have multiple entry visa for Canada you can come back to India. please keep update on you case Thanks Noaman.
  7. I am in touch with my employer nobody has contacted my employer in this regard.
  8. Jairichi and rahul412, I got my passport and I am in India now. As I mention early I was having some emergency and need to travel back to india, since I came to India got engaged in personal matters therefore could not reply to you guys. As you guys advise me to email the embassy and I did email them but got no response and I waited for a week then after I personally went to the embassy and explain my emergency to one of the officer who attend me and ask for my passport in a few minutes I got my passport without any question. Thank you both of you for your quick response but here I have something more to have yours and others advise. As you know I have got 221g white slip after all regular question like who you are working for, how long you are in united states, what is your role in the company, your qualification etc etc after all these question visa officer told me he has to do further investigation on my case because he is not able to find my current employer and it will not take more than 5 to 6 business days and while handing over 221g white slip to me he round up an email address and told me if you have any question you can email on this email address. I had my interview on 3rd February 2014, on 5th February 2014 I got an email from the embassy and ask to provide some documents which I have provided at the same day through email. since then I keep checking my case status online and noticed my case status dates have been changing first change from 3rd February 2014 to 19th February 2014 second change from 19th February to 12th March 2014 since then its been more than 2 months and there is no update on my case please advise if anybody have gone through with same situation. I appreciate your valuable advises. Thank You Noaman.
  9. Hi, I had my interview on 3rd February 2014 @ Ottawa and I have been given 221g white slip. Visa officer keeps my passport and told me they have to have further verification on my case and it will take 6 to 7 days and keep checking your case status online. My question is I have emergency and I need to travel to India by 15th February in this regards can I ask to return my passport if yes 1. whom should I ask for my passport return 2. can I call embassy or email embassy 3. how much time they will take to return my passport Please let me know if anyone had this situation and retained the passport. I appreciate your responses. Thanks Noaman.