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  1. Hi, Recently my employer filed H1B Amendment and it got approved. H4 was not included in my H1B amendment petition. Now i got H1 validity more than previous H1 validity date. looks like my employer added H1 extension also along Amendment but employer did not tell about this while they were filing amendment. can employer file H1 Amendment+Extension 2 years before current H1B expiry date? Employer used my I-140 too this time since it was going to 2 months more than 6 years. Anyways, Now i got H1B validity 1 year more than my wife's current H4 validity. so we need to apply for H4 extension separately after few months. can we file H4 Extension our self to get H4 Extension with Extended I-94 date? Also my wife needs to get her H4 EAD renewed so can these two things applied together? But USCIS processing centers are different right for H4 petitions and H4 EAD petitions. my H1 is approved in vermont center, so should my wife send H4 extension docs to same center? what about H4 EAD center? can you please post the documents that we need and what documents need to be filled? which H1B I-797A copy should we mention and include in packet while sending docs for H4? since my wife's H4 was approved using my previous H1B when i filed Extension last time her H4 was also added along my H1 extension petition and now my employer filed only my H1 amendment and extension and it got approved ( should i mention latest H1 approved copy or should i also include old H1 approved copy along this application ( my old h1 and my wife's current h4 are linked so).
  2. Hi, First of all thank you very much to this forum owners and all members. i have a question related to I-94 number change. I came to USA on F1 visa in 2009, I-94 paper form was issued and stapled in passport page. I never traveled outside usa on F1 visa. In 2013 my H1B visa status started. In 2014 i went to Canada for H1B stamping and came back to USA in 3 days after H1B visa stamping is done. I gave my previous paper I-94 card to Airlines person at boarding while departing from usa airport. (my port of entry was in Canada airport itself while returning from canada to usa but i never retrieved my online I-94 record for this arrival, i did not know about we can get i-94 record from online that time). After 5 months of this H1B stamping then i traveled to India for 1 month and came back to usa, i retrieved my online I-94 for this arrival and also emailed to employer. After that i extended my h1b visa 2 times till now with same latest I-94 number that i got from cbp site and this same number is there at the bottom of H1B Approved I-797A document with extended expiry dates, have not traveled outside usa from then to till now I checked my First I-94 paper card Number (when i came on F1 visa in 2009), current I-94 number. Both numbers are different. So i am wondering why I-94 numbers are different. when my change of starus is changed from F1 to H1B i got same old I-94 number at the bottom of H1B I-797 approved doc. I guess my I-94 number is changed while i came back from H1B stamping (canada) or on my second trip from india. I don’t have previous online i-94 (canada to usa after stamping). Sorry for long description. I just want to give clear information on my question.
  3. Are CBP and USCIS systems in sync? Do their computer online system communicates to each other? when we travel internationally and arrive at Port of entry, CBP enter I-94 record in their online system right. Do they update or communicate to USCIS system too through online or not?
  4. hello999

    STEM OPT Extension (24 months) - RFE

    RFE - BONA FIDE EMPLOYER-EMPLOYEE RELATIONSHIP: A student seeking to qualify for a 24-month STEM OPT extension must be a bona fide employee of the employer signing the Form I-983, Training Plan for STEM OPT Students. Please submit a copy of your Form I-983, submitted to your DSO and signed by your employer, in support of your request for the STEM OPT extension. Submit evidence of your employment including: signed letter(s) from employer(s) establishing job title(s), duties, location, pay rate, and number of hours worked per week; copies of your earning statements/pay stuba; and/or copies of your W-2s. NOTE: Students may not provide employer attestations on their own behalf. Hi All, can any one please let me know about this RFE. my university DSO said no need to send form I-983 when i was sending OPT extension application to USCIS. i got sign from employer and sent to just DSO. But now USCIS asking it. i will send that. Questions: 1) i have been working on contract job and there are two vendors bet ween my employer and end client. should employer mention all these in employer letter or he can just mention work location? if vendors and client names are mentioned in employer letter then again i need to ask letter from each vendor and then client. i don't want to complicate it. 2) Paystubs: how many months paystubs should i send. i had previous year one W-2. should i send W-2 too? do you guys see any complexity in this RFE. please advise me. Thank you.
  5. hello999

    Does CBP inform I-94 info to USCIS everytime

    ok. One of my Exit 4 years back was not showing in cbp travel history website but return for that trip was showing as arrival. That was the first time i traveled internationally out side US and previously i had Paper based I-94 card. i gave that previous paper I-94 card to American Airlines while i was boarding at gate(canada flight). Looks like airlines did not inform that departure to cbp or something. Anyways i have travel agency company email confirmation of that trip but that old record is not found now in both travel agency website and in American Airlines website. i did not retrieve that I-94 from cbp online website that time because i did not know about cbp online website that time in early 2014. currently it is showing only most recent one. 5 months after above mentioned trip then i went to India and came back and those are fine. i retrieved that i-94 from cbp website. also i got extended my H1B visa status recently. will there be any issues in future if i don't have one of the previous I-94 online number document. or Most recent one is important?
  6. Never mind on my question. I checked with my friends and I-94 number can be changed at port of entry cbp when we travel. I thought cbp maintains only one I-94 number same as uscis I-94 number. But they are not. Which ever is the latest (cbp site i-94 travel or H1B extensions within usa) it will supersede previous i-94 number. Question: Through FOIA, how many years back Old online I-94 can be requested? Can we request old online i-94 which was more than 5 years back? In passport i have arrival stamp with date but i did not retrieve one i-94 from online that time. I wish cbp should have kept at least 3 old previous I-94s in online. They are only keeping latest I-94 in online.
  7. Do cbp people assign I-94 number in online same as old paper I-94 number after they changed it from paper based to online from May 2013. Or did they start assigning new I-94 series number for online I-94s? If we come with wife first time, do they assign new i-94 number at port of entry since marital status is changed and have new dependent? I am trying to find out why my i-94 number is changed at port of entry and not same number as my old paper based I-94 number.
  8. Hi, My First OPT expired more than 3 months back. i have applied for OPT STEM Extension 5 months back from now then i got RFE then responded to RFE in August through attorney and my case is still in process. if my case gets denied, what are my options. i heard there is 60 days grace period for sevis but would 60 days period starts from First OPT expired date or from the date of STEM extension denial date? can i able to apply for masters in any university and get new i-20 and new sevis number and then go to nearest mexico border and get i-94? my previous F1 Visa stamping is still valid for next 1 years ( got 5 years F1 stamping in 2013) but not sure whether this stamping is valid with new sevis & i-20 to get new i-94 when i cross border and come back? or should i need to go get new F1 visa stamping with new i-20 and new sevis? if anyone knows about SEVIS and status please let me know. Thanks.
  9. No. My DSO said my sevis will be complete if my stem extension is denied. my first OPT expired 100 days back already and stem extension case is still in process. he said i have following options in case if my stem extension is denied 1. Enroll in University without CPT for 9 months for reinstatement of sevis. 2. Take new i-20 and leave US and get Visa Stamp with new i-20 and come back to US and work on CPT from day 1. i am currently working and i really want to keep my job but if i go out of country and attend for visa stamping interview then chances of getting visa is not guaranteed so it is highly risk. shall i stay in usa and enroll in university and wait 9 months for reinstatement of sevis
  10. hello999

    STEM OPT Extension (24 months) - RFE

    Not even a single reply?
  11. Hi All, can any one tell me how many months can H1B person Take Leave in USA and stay in USA to Help Pregnant wife. can we take 3 months leave?
  12. hello999

    STEM OPT Extension (24 months) - RFE

    Should we put client location on I-983 and memtion vendor names or just employer name enough?
  13. I have a Question when In-laws Applying for visiting visa. They are going to pay for trip themselves. What should be given in DS-160 for following items 1) Family Information ( Daughter or Son-in-law info here? Daughter is on H4 visa, Son in law on H1B visa) - Note: last year i filed H1B amendment(work location change) but my wife H4 was not added in amendment since her previous i-797/I-94 is valid till end of 2018. now i have new i-797/I-94 for H1B amendment also got date extended to November 2019 (previous one was till end of 2018). 2) US Contact Information ( Daughter or son-in-law?)
  14. hello999

    new H1B Amendment when existing Amendment in Process

    Withdraw the pending amendment as soon as possible. Pending amendment is for client B right and this project is over and you are going back to previous client which your current h1 was filed and approved based on that client A location right. Just withdraw pending amendment and you don't need to file any new amendment. Your employer and his lawyer will help on withdrawal. If your pending amendment gets approved in next 2-3 weeks then you may need to file again new amendment i guess but don't let that happen. Ask your employer lawyer to send withdrawal letter to uscis. For withdrawal it takes up to 4 months if it is california center ( as per my experience). There is no time period for this but as long as your lawyer sent withdrawal letter and keep copy of that for your reference then fine.
  15. I am filling DS-160 for my in-laws. I am on H1B visa and wife is on H4 visa in usa. My father-in-law occupation is Agriculture and giving Rs.50K/month as his income. Mother-in-law is homemaker. If i give self sponsor in DS-160 for both of them then how much cash they have to show in their banks. They have up to 8-10 Lakh rupees in account. Planning to give Intended stay 2 months in DS-160 ( does port of entry officer give i-94 based on this or do they give 6 months i-94 default?) If they are self sponsoring then In Invitation Letter (To Visa officer) i mention that they are going to stay at my Apartment right? should i write like They will bear all expenses Except Accommodation? Can any one send Invitation Letter for self sponsored B2 in laws visa. if i sponsor them then do i need to prepare lot of documents like I-134 affidavit of support and Bank letter and other letters? is it better to sponsor them or self sponsor to get visa?
  16. hello999

    DS-160 for In-laws

    Can any one answer please
  17. hello999

    DS-160 for In-laws

    I have a Question when In-laws Applying for visiting visa. They are going to pay for trip themselves. What should be given in DS-160 for following items 1) Family Information ( Daughter or Son-in-law info here? Daughter is on H4 visa, Son in law on H1B visa) - Note: last year i filed H1B amendment(work location change) but my wife H4 was not added in amendment since her previous i-797/I-94 is valid till end of 2018. now i have new i-797/I-94 for H1B amendment also got date extended to November 2019 (previous one was till end of 2018). 2) US Contact Information ( Daughter or son-in-law?)
  18. Hi All,i am filling up DS-160 for my In-laws. what should i give as Occupation? my mother in law is house wife from starting, my father in law is not working from 10 years. he used to work as private contractor and have savings. he has very little agriculture lands(not farming currently). He has enough savings in bank account for the trip. can he just take his bank statement ? 1) what should i give his occupation in DS-160? (Self employment or something else? i can not give as retired - He is 62 years old)2) Where should i give my H1 details and my wife's H4 details in DS-160?
  19. Thank you for reply. So can i take FMLA to help my dependent H4 wife in 8th month of her pregnancy ? Is FMLA applicable after kid born or before?
  20. Are you serious? so can't we take leave for family medical emergencies on H1B? who made these kind of slave rules?? i am not asking for Pay/salary during Leave. All i need is Leave for 2-3 months. we don't have any relatives or parents in usa so i need to support my wife. Murthy Law Firm, can you please answer this.
  21. Hi, My employer said he has to file H1B amendment since i changed work site/client change. Employer Filed Amendment with new location LCA and it is approved. But got validity date more than previous H1B. LCA validity was filed for 3 years (default practice i guess). i also noticed that my Approval doc now has A# number which is linked to I-140. looks like My employer submitted I-140 petition too with this petition. Question is, is it ok if i get Approval validity more than previous H1 validity. previous H1 validity was till December 2018. now i got till November 2019 (same as LCA end date). if my employer did not request for extension with amendment petition then Will there be any problems to me?
  22. Thank you so much. so we can send H4 Extension petition to USCIS Lock box address with H4 EAD petition right? i thought H1 and H4 petitions are handled in other USCIS service centers (California, Vermont service centers). can we include Both H4 Extension petition and H4 EAD petition docs in same shipping packet? i think it's better to write something like I-539 and I-765 both petitions on Top otherwise they may check only Top application and ignore rest of the supporting docs so chances may be there to miss other petition.
  23. Oh ok. i worried because old amendment status is not updated anything about withdrawal letter, it simply showing same status message as we received your petition in September 2016 and sent you receipt. i sent an email to lawyer and employer about this. lawyer said it will take some time to uscis for processing these requests but At lease they should have sent one acknowledgement receipt that saying we received withdrawal letter and will process..... Previous pending amendment petition is in USCIS California service center. My fear is, if they process previous amendment and approve that then how it's going to effect my recently approved petition ( this is just my doubt , i don't know how these things work). My new amendment for current project is filed in November ending 2016 and processed in Vermont USCIS service center. Also it looks like my employer added extension too along amendment. now i got validity of 1 year more than my previous H1B expiry date ( employer mentioned my I-140 approval doc along with this petition). can employer file for Extension along amendment 2 years before current H1 date expires?