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    H1 B Cap exempt

    Following is the history of my stay in the US and the type of Visas: 17Dec2002 - 20Jun2003 (L1B), L1B approved in Aug1999 01Aug2004 - 22Aug2004 (L1B) 28Nov2004 - 14Dec2004 (L1B) 23Apr2005 - 23Oct2006 (extended my L1B, L1A), L1B valid till 10Nov2006, L1A valid from 11Nov2006 to 01Oct2007 11Dec2006 - 23May2008 (L1A, H1B), On L1A from 11Dec2006 to 30Sep2007, On H1B from 01Oct2007 to 23May2008 I have the following two questions: 1. My understanding (not sure) is that a H1B CAP exempt needs to be filed 6 years from the active H1B status(May2008). This means, if a sponsor decides to file my H1B under CAP exempt, they need to do this by May2014. Is my understanding correct ? Or, should the CAP exempt H1B have been filed 6 years from the date of approval(Oct2007). Which means I do not have a chance to file my H1B under CAP exempt because 6 years got over in Oct2013. Can you confirm please ? 2. If my h1B can be filed under CAP exempt, how many years will I be able to recapture from the old H1B ? Thank you in advance for replying to the above questions. Best Regards