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  1. Even I have similar plans for my brother in law.. any information is helpful
  2. Hi - I'm panning to extend my h1b and wants to my wife H4 extension as well. question i have is.. My wife was in h1b.. two months back we have applied for H4 COS..which is already pending at USCIS. Is possible/allowed to file H4 COS or H4 extention along with my h1b extention? Thanks
  3. Dear Attorneys, Could you please answer? help appreciated.
  4. NYWarrior

    Visitor Visa for Brother in law

    Dear Attorneys, I'm planning to apply visitor visa for brother in law. He completed B-tech 3 yrs back and he not into job yet and he is unmarried. He wanted to visit us for month for upcoming function. what are the docs he need to carry to show he has strong ties with home country? he doesn't have any land on his name and has couple of lacs in his bank account. what i can do make strong case for him?
  5. NYWarrior

    Visitor Visa for Brother in law

    any suggestions please?
  6. Dear Attorneys, USCIS has suspended H1b premium processing for sometime starting 3rd april? Does it affect I-140 Premium Processing as well? Thanks
  7. NYWarrior

    USCIS Last action Rule and COS

    Dear Attorneys, How USCIS applied last action rule. please advice me on this. i was in h4 and h1b approved last quota in august. i had to travel to india after h1b approval with will be effective from 1st oct. i traveled back to us on h4 before 1st oct. POE stamp in h4. POE stamp on h4 h1b approved and status change happened on 1st oct? i have applied SSN on approved h1b with h1b i-94. SSN office couldn't verify it. they created uscis save case. it has been pending for long time. so my questions are.. How USCIS applied last action rule? which status i'm in h1b or h4? how to resolve USCIS save case issues? Thanks
  8. NYWarrior

    USCIS Last action Rule and COS

    Thanks a lot. That means now i"m in h4 status? In this scenario..In applies last action rule right? already approved petitions will be honored by uscis. https://www.murthy.com/2016/06/02/travel-after-change-of-status-approval-with-future-start-date/ I will fall in scenario.. petition was approved when i was in US and traveled to out and entered back in US on h4 before 1st October. This is perfect example for last action rule.. what to do now? I wanted to make sure which status i'm in? H4 or H1b? how USCIS applied last action rule? do we need to reach out them and how ? Thanks.
  9. Point 2 --> what happens to period between filed date and approved date/start date of COS Let's say we file today 1/18/2017 and if it get approved after 3 months 3/18/2017. Do we need to continue employment till it get approved?
  10. NYWarrior

    USCIS Last action Rule and COS

    H1b approved when i was here itself, that too it was before travel.
  11. Even I'm also looking to get clarity on this.
  12. NYWarrior

    H4 to H1b -- Yet to get SSN

    Dear Attorney's First came to US on H4, then applied h1 and it has been approved in August'16 ( 797 has I-94). due to family reasons i had to travel to india in sep'16 and came back in 2 weeks ( sep'16) on h4. In October i have applied SSN with approved h1. it's been 8 weeks i haven't received SSN and when i call SSN office they are saying it pending at immigration. not sure how much time it takes. 1) How do we need If i status changes to h1b from October. when i checked online i-94. it always showing my last entry on h4. pls suggest what i can do here..
  13. NYWarrior

    H4 to H1b -- Yet to get SSN

    Yes, Working on project. he hasn't been paying due to this SSN issue. he told me, he will pay retrospectively once i get SSN. is that possible? i will follow up with him.
  14. NYWarrior

    H4 to H1b -- Yet to get SSN

    This is happening due to SSA Office couldn't find immigration record ( h1b ). They have opened USCIS Save Case and It has been pending more than two months. 1) How to identity/check what status currently we are in? ( H4 or H1b ) 2) How to follow up SAVE Case issues? I came to know people are facing similar issues due to missing/incorrect immigration records in SAVE database when they apply for Driver licence renewal.. Please help me what i can do in this scenario. Thanks In advance.
  15. Dear Attorneys, I'm L1. This year My h1b got approved and gonna work from 1st October'16. Employer has applied L2 to H4 ( COS ) applied now. 1) Generally how many days it takes to get approval? ( L2 to H4 )? 2) I'm waiting for receipt number from USCIS? is there way to track this application status ? Thanks
  16. Dear Attorneys, How much gap do we need/required to have each visiting trips? My mother-in-law visited last year, She was here from October - April. we would like invite her again. Is it fine to ask her come in September? ( she completes only 5 months ) were there any risk involved if we don't maintain 6 month gap in each travel? Kindly Advice. Thanks
  17. NYWarrior

    Travel gap between each visiting Trip.

    Thanks- That risk factor exist if don't maintain 6 month gap. Is that problem even though 6 month gap between travels? ( not too many frequent travels )
  18. NYWarrior

    Port Of Entry Question?

    Dear attorney's Due to family reason i'm traveling to india for 2 weeks ( first 2 weeks of august ) and i'm holding valid h1b visa stamp which expires on 6th OCT 2016 and will be travelling back on same visa. two months back employer has extended h1b, it extendes till 2018. which date POE officer can take for I-94? VISA or Petition? what do i need to do if he takes visa date?
  19. Currently My wife is in India. She has H4 stamping valid till end of September. when is good time to travel? 1st week of September is ok to travel? because just 30 days left on visa expiry. Please suggest..
  20. Dear attorneys, My wife currently on H4, This year we have applied h1b and it is thru in lottery and it has been approved as well in Premium. due to family reasons she has to travel to india. 1) what will happen if she travels to india? 2) she has valid h4 visa valid till end of september. can she able to travel in Aug on h4? 3) if she comes back to USA in august on h4? how change of status happens to h1b in October? could you please suggest what is the risks and best options available for her? Thanks
  21. Dear Attorney's, Currently My wife is in India. She has H4 stamping valid till end of September. when is good time to travel? 1st week of September is ok to travel? because just 30 days left on visa expiry. Please suggest..
  22. Let's say .. in situation she don't want to go for h1 stamping. will she able to travel on H4?
  23. We have applied h1b this year for my wife, currently she is on h4. she need to travel to india some time in June due to family function. I'm trying to understand what are her options to come back either h1b or H4 1) if h1b gets in lottery and approved.. she can come back on h1b after getting h1b visa stamp only afer 1st oct 2016 2) If h1b didn't get picked in lottery- she can come back on H4 3) if h1b gets in lottery and approved. Can she come back on H4 before 1st oct 2016 on H4 ( currently she has h4 valid still end of sep,16 )? later can she able to change the status to h1b on approved petition?
  24. NYWarrior

    H4 to H1b in process, Need to travel to india

    Thanks @pontevecchio