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  1. rohitnakra

    H1-B to GC

    I recently got my green card. Prior to receiving green card, I was on h1-B. As soon as I receive my GC, I updated my sponsor attorney as well as Hr to update the records. I am still with my sponsor and working full time with them but additionally I want to drive Uber part time over the weekends for some extra cash. Uber makes weekly payments every Thursday and sends 1099 form in January. Is there anything I need to do before starting to drive uber? am I all set to drive or do I need to take care of anything else?
  2. rohitnakra

    Travel situation

    Thanks a lot everyone for all your help.
  3. rohitnakra

    Travel situation

    I received my EAD card today and it is a combo card (with AP for 1 year) Is it safe to assume that I can now travel outside US and return using this card without having to get my H1-B stamped in India? Also, I learnt about filing an i9 for to travel. What is it needed and is it mandatory to fill it for my travel?
  4. rohitnakra

    Travel situation

    Thanks for your response. I read about i765 EAD/AP combo card. On what basis will USCIS issue that? If that is issued (which I learnt is upto USCIS discretion), I don't need a separate AP card, right? With my current I765 status as "Card was mailed to me" whereas I131 status as "pending", is that an indicator that I am not getting combo card? Kindly let me know.
  5. rohitnakra

    Travel situation

    Sorry looks like it got submitted partially. I posted full question separately. Please disregard this thread!
  6. Hello, Need advice on my possible travel to India in few weeks. Here is my current situation. GC applied under EB1-C I140 approved I485 pending I131 pending I765 (new card to be produced) which I hope is an indication that my ead should come in next 7-10 working days. First question is - is that correct understanding? My h1-B extension valid till 2018 but h1-b visa on my passport is expired as of October last year. My main question is if I were to travel to India in a month and assuming my approved ead is with me at that time, do I need to get my h1-B stamped in India to re-enter US? Ps - not sure if it will change response to my query but I also have a valid b1/b2 visa. Please advice.
  7. Hello, My current situation. GC filed under EB1C I140 approved I485/i131/i765 submitted Biometrics done. Ead status says
  8. rohitnakra

    Received Torn Biometrics Appointment Letter

    Thank you for your response. I went in today with the letter and they printed a new one for me. I requested them to do biometrics today itself since I was anyways at ASC center to which they asked me to wait for an hour and I got my biometrics done today itself.
  9. Hello, Yesterday I received my Biometrics appointment letter for i485/i765 application but it was torn into 2 pieces. Thankfully it didn't affect either of the bar codes and all the numbers etc are clearly readable. Please advice on what should I do in this case. I still have time as the appointment date is April 27th, 2016. Should I call USCIS customer care and will they help in issuing a new one before the appointment date or will the existing one suffice? Any response in this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rohit
  10. Thanks everyone for your prompt response. So in ideal scenario, I should ask them to avoid another trip to US this year. The reason why I want them to visit me this year is because both of them are retired (and dependent), live alone back in India with medical conditions. Is there any provision for old age ailing parents to live in US as dependents of their son? May be any other type of VISA? I am just trying to figure out an alternate so they can come ASAP. I appreciate your help on this matter.
  11. Hello, My parents visited me in US last year in 2013. They stayed for 6 months and I applied for their extension for 90 days which was approved - they stayed 55 out of the 90 day extension that was approved. (In short they stayed slightly less than 8 months in US during 2013) They left US on November 20th and would like to visit again sometime this year. Here are my 2 questions: 1) I heard that if you file an extension during a particular year, you cannot travel to US the following year. Is it really true? 2) If above is not true, is there a minimum time that my parents should stay back in India before making another entry to US. I am planning to call them here around March 20th 2014 so which would mean 4 months gap. Is it good enough? Please suggest... Thanks in advance! Regards, Rohit