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  1. igoogle

    Understand I-485 RFE

    Did you reach out to your lawyer?. What was their response?
  2. igoogle

    GC EAD and H1B denial

    I think you can change the job after you are in EAD for 6 month Also in case the H1B is denied, you can fall back to EAD.. Do you have H1B extension going on in Parallel??
  3. igoogle

    RFE response time estimate

    Did you get any response on your 2nd RFE submission?
  4. igoogle

    H1B LCA Amendment went to RFE

    Did you submit the RFE response and any outcome yet?
  5. igoogle

    LCA certification timelines

    Did your LCA got approved by now??
  6. I am also interested to see the response to this scenerio