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  1. h1btransfer999

    H1-B Transfer Denied

    I worked for a company A for 7 years. Had 140 approved with my company A. In Aug 2013, I changed job to Company B after i got my transfer receipt in premium processing. Company A never cancelled my H1-B. In the H1-B transfer process, I got 2 RFEs, submitted them but still got denied few days back. I am still waiting for H1B denial notice. Company A work was onsite in the office. Company B is remote. MY H1-B with company A is still valid until next year. What are my options?
  2. h1btransfer999

    H1-B Transfer Denied

    Dear Concerned Person, Here is my situation. I hope you are able to answer this. I was with a company A. In Aug 2013, I applied for H1-B transfer in premium processing. Upon H1 filing receipt, I joined the company B(i had to work from home and the lca address was my home address) and started working. Company A did know my job change and agreed to my change of job and did not cancel my H1-B. I got the RFE in August itself. I submitted the documents and then got the 2nd RFE. Upon submitting all the documents, I got my H1-B denied in Jan 2014. I am still waiting for the H1-B denial notice. I let my company A know that my H1-B transfer has been denied. I confirmed that my H1-B transfer has been denied. Company A confirmed that they have not cancelled my old H1-B. my company B is saying that they will back me up and will reapply the H1 in any shape or form. My payroll with company B has been regularly until today. I just checked online about my denial and still waiting for the denial notice. what are my options? thnks.