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  1. NandaP

    documents for b2 visa with special needs

    Hi All Just want to share the experience here of my brother who had been granted visa. First of all i wanted to know if they were any documents needed for person with special needs. we don't need anything extra. but after booking visa appointment date, we have to send email to consulate requesting for a person to accompany, in this case my father went. the consulate will request all the details of person applying for visa and accompany person id proof like that. once we send those, they will issue an letter to accompany. we have to take this letter along with appointment confirmation letter and show it security. My brother cannot speak to him self , so questions were posted to my father and they were generic and few, like question for visiting visa. i was searching if any one had this kind of experience before my brother visa interview , but these cases are few. so thought of posting my self. Hope it helps. Good luck!
  2. NandaP

    Supporting Documents for Visitor Visa

    If both are working or any income related to your mother then there both documents should be there, including bank, property else your father should be sufficient.
  3. NandaP

    Change of status B1/B2 to F2

    I believe it the best way to go back and come back on F2 as you are married. Things will be smooth that way.
  4. Hi All My brother is handicapped person, my parents have visa and am planning to apply for my brother as well. What additional documents needed apart from our regular B2 visitors documents. Thanks
  5. NandaP

    Visitors visa for In laws and siblings

    Agreed, Noah- parents support in sense, he is handicapped.
  6. NandaP

    Visitors visa for In laws and siblings

    Thanks for the reply , Can i take a chance here?
  7. I am planning to apply visitors visa for my in laws and my wife brother and sister. My wife sister is in college, middle of studies and brother is unwell ( i mean he needs parents support). What are the chances here? Any thing additional i need to mention while applying for visa.
  8. NandaP

    Perm in Audit second time

    Hi My Perm that was applied in 2014 dec went into random audit and got reject. This year my employer filed again and just this month, i got an audit again, now i dont have hopes on my employer. what are the best steps i can take. Changing employer?
  9. Hi Friends First of all thank you for this forum and members in this, its a good preparation before we go for the visa interview. My slot was on Monday morning 7.00 AM Interview: Vo: Hi, how long you have been with this employer me: close to 2 yrs VO: Can i have w2s and LCA me: gave latest w2 Vo: Why is there is difference in pay ( compared LCA and w2 and my w2 was low from LCA) me: This is my first H1 and i was training for a while i was on opt , if you can check my latest pay slips they are according to LCA, ( my w2 before that was ok but gave the latest as not to confuse VO ) VO: checked pay slips VO: where is your employer me: told the state and city of employer VO: why is there different location on LCA me: i work for a client and my client is in that location VO: Did you study in USA? what did you study? which stream? which university? me: told Vo: ok, have to read the rights form? ( form they give in consulate about H1 rights) me: partially but i have read it online vo: Read it once again and gave red slip to collect passport vo finally: our system are down hopefully there is nothing bad that comes out. This left me little doubt on approval, but some of them heard same thing from other VO. Collected my passport on wednesday Friends its not about success rate in Jamaica , its all about good documentation that you have which supports all questions for VO. Its really bad if we get stuck there in Jamaica for long time. Nice is that we were like 18-20 Monday tuesday slots combined except one for DUI all got approved. Dont rush VO about passport, just go and pick up when your passport is ready. Hope my experience helps. Good luck Friends!
  10. NandaP

    State name confusion for filling DS-160

    Don't get confused, Write Andhra Pradesh. Don't think so there systems will reflect changes so soon and also that should not be problem.
  11. Thank you for the detailed explanation of our visa interview and how you tackled after that. My only question for worst case scenario is, I see many flights connecting through USA to India. Can we not take that route? , its just connection right?. Thank you in advance
  12. Hi, Am planning for July not June
  13. its on my profile. you can contact me through that.
  14. Hi Mani, i cannot see ur email id, but my email id is on profile, you can contact me through that. w'll be in touch