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  1. naveen209

    Passport Expiry

    Hello, I am currently on H1B visa. My Passport expires in October of 2016 and I am planning to visit India in March-April, I will have to attend Visa Interview in Hyderabad. > Can I travel while my passport expires in 5-6 months of the travel date > Can I attend visa interview with 5-6 months on the passport? Any help is highly appreciated... Thanks & Regards.
  2. Hello, My previous employer applied for PERM in 2013 and got audit in 2014. I changed job while PERM was in audit and I just got to know that the PERM from my previous employer got certificated last week. My current employer is in the process of applying PERM. > Can I apply 140 with the previous employers certified PERM? I think the answer is NO, but trying to see if there is any other alternate solution to retain the 2013 date? > What are my options now if I have to apply for 140 with previous employers PERM? Just wanted to mention both companies that I work/worked for are FTE. Thank you...
  3. Hello, I am seeking some help to make some decision, hope you experts can guide me here. I am currently working for a company and I have been with them for 4 years. I am offered a new position new my current company but a different department. Meanwhile I am about to hear from another employer about an offer from them. I have one question: My current employer is ready to do my H1 transfer so I can start working in the new role and it might take 2-4 weeks for transfer to get approved, meanwhile if I get offer from the other company can I start the transfer process with them while the first transfer is in process? Will there be any conflict or issues? Am I missing any important point here? Thanks...
  4. naveen209

    h1-h4_6yrs limit

    Hello, I apologize if this seems repetitive question. My wife has been on H1b for 2yrs 6mo and now she is planning to change to H4 visa due to some personal reasons. My question: If she stays on H4 visa for an year and then decides to find a job, will she be eligible for reaming 4yrs 6mo based on her H1B stay or will it be down to 3.6 taking her H4 into count? Thanks.
  5. naveen209

    Eligibility for Drop-Box

    Can someone explain drop-box procedure? I am planning to go to India in June and I am eligible for drop-box but I am not exactly sure how the drop-box process works. > In how many days we can expect to collect the passport back after stamping?
  6. Hello, I need some advice on the following situation: > My Indian Passport has an expiry date Oct 2016 > My second H1B was recently issued and has an expiry date Dec 2016 1) I am planning to go to India after 2 month so do I have to apply for a new passport before I go to visa interview? Or will I be fine with my current passport? 2) Do I have to apply a for passport here in US or do it in India? 3) What are my options? Thanks...
  7. I am planning to travel to India and looking up on http://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/in-niv-visarenew.asp website I feel that I qualify for drop-box. But how long does it take to collect the passport back from the consulate? I am travelling only for a week so not sure if a week is good enough to get this process done? Can some one explain drop-box procedure?
  8. naveen209

    H1 to H4 to H1

    Hi, My wife is on H1B from past 2.5yrs and she has been employed all this duration and maintained her status well. Now due to some personal reasons she want to change to H4. My concerns here: > If she ever want to start working again how difficult is it to change to H1? > Does she have to travel out of the country before she can start again in the future ? > I believe she will have remaining of her 3.5 yrs H1B, so will she get a new H2 for 3 yrs when she applies in the future? Thanks.
  9. naveen209

    Employer's ability to revoke I-140

    I guess you need to stay with that employer to get your H1 beyond 6 yrs. I have not read anywhere stating that we have to be with the same employer. Can you send me the source supporting your statement?
  10. naveen209

    Employer's ability to revoke I-140

    Adding some questions to this related topic: I am in 4th year on H1 and GC filing is in PERM stage(hopefully will get approved in a month based on current processing time). Once my PERM is approved I am planning to premium process 140. For next step I have few quesitons: > if I move to a new emplyee after 140 is approved in my 4th year, will I get 3yr visa based on approved 140? > Do we have to stay with current employer for certain time after 140 is approved before we can move to another employer? Thanks...
  11. naveen209

    Minimum Wage_Non Profit Org

    Hi, I am currently working for a profit organization and I got an offer from a Non Profit Organization now. The salary offered by Non Profit Organization is less than 40K. > Is there a minimum wage requirement for H1B? what is the min wage? > Will this show any effect on GC processing in the future? Thanks.
  12. naveen209

    Profit to Non Profit Organization

    Thanks for the prompt responses. I have another question "As long as you are with Non Profit the H1B period do not have a time limit (6 yrs like others)" and when you move out from Non Profit to Profit you can still use the remaining of 6yrs from the original H1. Is this correct?
  13. I am currently working for a company who filed my H1B two years back and got stamped in India. Now I got an offer from a company that is "NON PROFIT" organization and they are ready to transfer my H1B to their company. I am confused with couple of questions: 1) When I move to Non Profit organization will my H1B fall under non Cap category? 2) In future if I want to move back to a profit do I have to file a new H1B visa like a fresh one in April? 3) As long as you are with Non Profit the H1B period do not have a time limit (6 yrs like others)? Experts can you please answer this questions, I am not sure if there is any disadvantage or advantage moving to a Non-Profit organization.
  14. I work for a Profit organization now and had my H1B approved with them two years back. Now I a got an offer from Non-Profit Organization and they are ready to transfer my H1B. I read in some article : - once you move to a non-profit organization the H1B would become a non-cap - again in future if you have to move out to a another company from a non profit you should apply as a new H1B in April I am not sure how much of this is correct but if this is correct I should have to rethink before considering this offer. Suggestions?
  15. Naveen - check the status of your old request number too..?? I did not quite get it..