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  1. fanofsuman

    H1B extension rejected

    Hello Everyone, We are in odd situation where my wife's H1B extension got rejected because of bank check reversal issue. Please let me know if anyone faced or seen this kind of issue before. Below are the details of her case: 1. Current employer applied for H1B extension and got the receipt on Aug 26th 2018 which is 3 days before her I94 expiry date Aug 29th 2018. 2. Got an RFE on Sep 8th 2018 3. While her employer is in process of filing the RFE, her employer bank account had some fraudulent check issues because of which bank had to reverse all the checks that they have provided during the Aug month and unfortunately bank reversed the check that her employer provided to USCIS for her visa fee. 4. Because of this bank check issue, USCIS has rejected her H1B extension and send back all documents to attorney. 5. Her employer Attorney has reapplied the H1B extension in normal process(as premium process is terminated) by including all the bank issue details as justification for delay, but it was applied on Sep 30 2018 which is month after my I94 expiry date(Aug 29th 2018). This means her H1B extension was applied when she is out of status which made us believe that there might be denial most probably. Also, by the time she will get the response, she would be crossing 180 day bar period. 6. Though our attorney has re-applied, attorney is suggesting to go to India now and have her H4 stamped as I am on valid H1B. But she is not able to travel at this time as she is 9th month pregnant now and doctor is not suggesting to travel. Please help me with some suggestion in this scenario.
  2. Hi Kiran, I am on same boat now where my H1B extension got denied, I94 expired month ago and my employer applied for a new petition immediately after denial. The new petition was sent last week, so I am little worried if they raise concerns about living in US while I am out of status since my fist extension denial. Could you please let me know if you have any such questions raised by USCIS before your approval?
  3. Hi Everyone, My employer applied for H1B extension before my I94 expired in premium process. I have got an RFE on Sep 12th 2018 and while my employer is preparing for RFE, something happened to the checks(might be check bounced) that they provided to USCIS because of which USCIS have returned the H1B extension application to the attorney. Now though my employer has filed H1B extension again yesterday on normal process, would it be legal for me to stay in US now until decision is made on my second extension application as my I94 is expired? Also, Is it a good advice to convert to H4 without leaving the country as my spouse is also having H1B? I94 Expiry data: 09/03/2018 First H1B extension receipt date: 09/01/2018 Thank you!
  4. fanofsuman

    H1B Trasfer

    Hi Jairichi, Thank you for reply. My attempts to get that corrected has been failed as my employer is not responding at all. I have been still following up, but I am not sure when he will take up the action on that. I have not yet started working for the employer. Thank you again!
  5. fanofsuman

    H1B Trasfer

    Hi, I got H1B in this year quota which has been valid since this October (Oct 1st 2015). My I797A approval notice is having wrong name and now I am planning to transfer my H1B to another employer. 1. Is it possible to make a transfer with wrong name printed on I797A approval? 2. My H1B is effective since only 7 days and is it possible to transfer at this point? Thank you in advance.
  6. fanofsuman

    Application of PERM

    Can anyone please help me out with this questions?
  7. fanofsuman

    Application of PERM

    Hi Everyone, I have been on H1B since 2013, my Employer X is planning to file a PERM. While I think everything is going good, I got below question from attorney which is little bit worrying me. I used to work in Company X before (the company which I am working now), I resigned the Company X on July 23rd 2014 , but my employer X wanted me to stay with them till Aug 30th 2014 due to some critical project execution. But due to earlier commitment with employer Y, I had to join employer Y on Aug 1st and my employer X is aware of that. So, technically I worked for company X and company Y for that one month period ie. Aug 1st 2014 to Aug 30th 2014. I left the company Y on Jan 2015 and joined back Company X again. My experience letters are clearly indicating that there is overlap for 1 month and that is the reason for my attorney raising a question on overlap period for 2 companies. My questions on this are: 1. Would it create any problem for me after PERM is filed ? 2. Would it create any problem for my H1B status after PERM is filed? Thank you very much in advance for helping out.
  8. fanofsuman

    I94 Extension with valid visa

    Hi .. Thanks again for your reply. So , should I wait till April 2004(which is my validity of I-94) and ask my employer to apply for the extension?
  9. fanofsuman

    H1B out of Status

    Thanks for the reply. I didn't get the hard copy from my employer yet. I have to wait and see if the extended I94 is attached to the approval or not. I will followup with my employer on this. But, do you see the cases where extended I-94 get attaches to the approved H1B? Thanks in advance.
  10. fanofsuman

    H1B out of Status

    Thanks for your reply. Are you saying about the extension of the H1B or I-94 that need to be applied maximum of 6 months in advace?
  11. fanofsuman

    I94 Extension with valid visa

    Hi, I am also in similar kind of situation, my I94 gets expired on April 2014 and I have valid approved visa till Dec 2014. What path did you followed to address this ? Thanks in advance.
  12. fanofsuman

    H1B out of Status

    Hi, I resigned my old employer and my last day with old employer was Dec 24th 2013. My new employer applied H1B visa transfer and it was approved, now I joined new employer on 30th Dec 2013, so does it mean that I fall out of status and will I face any issues If I apply for another H1B transfer or Green card in future? Because there was a gap of 5 days(ie Dec 25th 2013 to Dec 29th 2013) between switching the companies. Also, my I94 is going to get expire on Aprile 2014, so should I apply extension of I94 with the new employer now itself or should I do it later before month of April 2014? Thanks in advance.