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    President Obama's Immigration Plan

    Hi! I just saw this update from AILA which believes that recapturing of unused visas would be part of President 's EA. Ref #14 on this document: http://www.aila.org/content/fileviewer.aspx?docid=50815&linkid=282747
  2. nrggrn

    President Obama's Immigration Plan

    Does President's executive actions have any specific ruling that will result in "recapturing" the unused employment-based visas ( I heard that number is ~250K)? Second question is that is there a chance for foreign nationals with approved I-140 to file I-485 even if their PD is NOT current?
  3. Hi, My H1 got expired/laid-off on 25th Nov '13 and I had applied for CoS to H4 (sponsored by my spouse), and is receipt dt. is 20th Nov. Now, considering the long processing time, rather than waiting for CoS to be processed, I am wondering whether I should get the H4 stamping done in Canada, so that I can accept the job offer/continue looking for my next job (via another CoS to H1 from H4). I do understand that by traveling to Canada for stamping, my CoS petition will be abandoned. a. Would abandoning CoS petition negatively impact any of my future petitions? b. What are the chances of visa stamping (H4) getting approved in Canada, rather than my home country? Appreciate your input! Thanks!