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  1. Dear pontevecchio, Thanks for the reply. Yes it was a typo and the year my i-140,485 was filed is Feb-2018. Do I need to file a new i-140 if i go with the new employer or does my current approved i-140 will work? Thanks Joe
  2. Dear All, My EB1- C i-140 from my current employer (Say A) along with 485 (concurrent) was filed on Feb-2019. i-140 Got approved Aug-2019. I'm currently on EAD ( valid till 2021). Its now about 1.5 years since my i-140 is approved and around 1.8 years since my i-485 was filed. I received a new job offer (same managerial position) from a new employer (say B). Now, 1. To Join the new company, should i file a new i-140? or the existing approved i-140 is good? 2. Can my Employer A revoke my approved i-140? 3. Will my priority date change due to this switch? 3. Any other document should i file for accepting my new job with the new employer B? Thanks Joe
  3. Dear All, I've a the below scenario. My GC (EB1 C) was filed concurrent by my current company (say ABC) on Feb-2018; i-140 was approved on Aug-2018; i-485 AOS interview done in Mar-2019. As per my understanding, my i-485 have passed the 180 days (from Feb-2018). And I have my EAD till Jan-2021. Now, I got a new Job Offer from a new company (say XYZ) in the same city I have my current job. 1. Can I join the new company (XYZ)? 2. If yes, should we file AC 21 (by Lawyer of the new company OR by Myself)? 3. My current company Position (on which GC is filed) is " Program Manager" and the new company have Offered the Job as "Sr. Manager" (both in IT) . Is these 2 jobs qualifies for the Same/Similar job req for AC21? 4. Will changing the Job using AC21 impact my GC (i-485) in any way? 5. Can my previous employer "ABC" revoke my approved i-140 or in process i-485? If Yes, what is the impact on my GC process? 6. If I will have to file a new EAD extension, will it have to do any processing/documents/filing with my old company ? 7. As of the current analysis of EB1C priority date, the i-485 for Feb-2018 may get approved by Feb-2020 only. Is it advisable to wait till GC in hand to switch the job? 8. Any advise you can give me in this scenario will be of a great help. Appreciate your help, Thanks, Joe
  4. JNJOE

    i-485 J - EB1 GC processing

    Hi, From the explanation you have given, I understand that, I don't have to file i-485 J unless RFE from USCIS in my case as the i-485 was filed concurrent with i-140. Thanks for Your time and reply. Joe
  5. Hi, My GC (EB1C) was filed on Feb-2018 (Concurrent filing i-140, i-485 etc..). My i-140 was approved on Sep-2018 and i-485 was picked up for processing on Sep-2018 and with NBC now. I'm waiting for my interview date from my local USCIS office as the next step. There was no i-485 J (supplement) was filed in my case yet. My Question is 1. Do I have to file the i-485 J in my case? 2. If i dont have the i-485 J filed before my GC interview, Will there be any negative impact? 3. If I dont have the i-485 J filed before my GC interview, Will the letter from my employer support my employment? Thanks Joe
  6. Hi, My GC was filed under EB1 in Feb-2018. May 2nd week I received my EAD/AP card in 2nd week of may. Now when i look into the USCIS DHS site for the status for i-765(EAD), i-485 cases The i-765 status is as below. -- 21-Feb : We received your case -- 30-Apr : We are producing your card and will mail it to you -- 1-May: We approved your case -- 7-May: We mailed your card to you. The U.S. Postal Service will deliver it. -- 15-May: We reviewed your biometrics and are still processing your case ----------------------------------------------------------------------- My i-485 Status is like below 21-Feb : We received your biometrics fee and are reviewing your case 4-Apr: We reviewed your biometrics and are still processing your case 15-May: We reviewed your biometrics and are still processing your case Q1. i-765 - I'm confused on the last status on 15-May on my i-765. Why after receiving my EAD Card, the status went to "We reviewed your biometrics and are still processing your case" ? any Idea? Q2. i-485 - What this status means "We reviewed your biometrics and are still processing your case" in i-485? Q3. i-485 - Curious to know Why there are 2 entries of the same status? is there any process happening with my case like an interview schedule etc..? Thanks Joe
  7. Hi, My GC was filed in Feb-2018 under EB1. Received my EAD on 2nd week of May. 1. Now, As per the new rule, does all GC candidates have to undergo the personal interview? or is it random selection of applicants for GC interview ? Or is it like all the GC applications after Oct-2017 have to undergo interview? 2. If yes, when we can expect the interview? Thanks Joe
  8. Thank You very much for your response. Appreciated
  9. Dear All, I'm in L1A and have a valid i-94 extension (2nd extension) till Oct-2019 on my L1A Visa. My Company have filed My GC in EB1 Category. All 1-140, i-485, i-765, i-131 have filed concurrent. Expecting my EAD/AP with in 90 Days as per my attorneys. And the expected time for i-140 to get approved is rnd 12 months. Now, Assuming that I will get my EAD/AP by May-2018 1. Can I travel to India say in Jun-2018 and return back to US with the EAD/AP? 2. Is it advisable OR is it mandatory for me to get my L1A Visa stamped while I'm in India? 3. Is it advisable to travel to India while i-140 is pending even if I have the EAD/AP? 4. Is there is any issue if I travel to India with out my EAD/AP (assuming that I dont get my EAD/AP by the time of travel)? Does it impact at any case on getting my L1A stamped while in India? 5. If I travel to India, should I inform USCIS tru attorney my new i-94 number? 6. I'm applying for my daughters passport (from US as its getting expired in Jun). Do I need to inform USCIS tru attorney about my daughters new passport for GC processing? Appreciate your help Thanks JNJOE
  10. Hi, I'm currently in L1A visa and Working for Company "A". The company have applied my GC under EB1, my I-140 is passed. I read from blogs that it may take longer than expected to get the EAD/green card for EB1. Now my question is 1. Can I switch company with my Approved I-140 and do the rest processing with the new company? 2. If no, how long should I wait to switch company? 3. Will I get an Extension on my EB1 if the EAD/GC takes time (as in EB2 category) if I switch the company? Note: My current L1A expires in 1 year 4. Will there be any additional paper works to be done with USCIS when switching the company (I-140 passed stage)? Thanks Joe
  11. Hi, As Many indian MNCs now started green card processing for their employees I would want to know if there is any immigration rule stating that "all companies in the US should have 50% or more US citizens or Green card holders working by 2016" if not some fees per H1/L1 status employees to be paid by employer. Could some one please let me know if such rule exists? and if yes where i can find the details. Appreciate Your help Thanks, Joe
  12. JNJOE

    Amend Consular process H1B to COS H1B

    Hi JoeF, Thanks for the reply. 1. Will the new COS H1B comes under the H1B cap? or is it just like applying for a non cap H1B as COS showing the existing approved the consular H1B.? 2. What is the minimum period I need to work for the H1B employer before I switch? 3. How long I can keep the Consular process approved H1B before getting it stamped? Appreciate your help Joe
  13. Hi, Got some question on H1B Consular processing. I’m currently in the US with L1 Status with Company “A”. a new company say “B” is planning to apply my H1B under consular processing. I don’t have any plans to go out of US for next 1+ years Now, My questions are 1. If I apply for an H1B as consular processing on April-2016 and assuming its approved, can it be amended as COS (change of status) later say by Jan-2017 and start working with the company "B" from Jan-2017? 2. How long I can keep the Consular process approved H1B with me before amending to COS. Like can I amend the H1B to COS say after 1 or 2 Years? 3. Can the Approved Consular process H1B with Company “B” be amended to COS H1B with a different company say “C” even without joining the company “B” ? Appreciate Your Help. Thanks Joe
  14. Thanks Jairichi for the reply Following up on the answers for question #2 and 3. When I go for my H1B stamping on Aug-2016 (after getting My L1A extension stamped), the start date for the H1B Visa will be Oct-2016. That means my H1B visa will be only valid on/after 01-Oct-2016. As of Aug-2016, I will have only my L1A Visa valid in my passport. In this case also, will US Consulate consider that I'm going to have 2 valid US visa in my passport if H1B Stamped and invalidate my L1A stamped visa? Appreciate Your Help. Thanks