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  1. If possible, please wait for at least 10 months preferably year before reapplying for visa. It would be nice if they can show some other evidences of their assets (i.e. good bank balance or even a small owned house in other part of India). No need to send your sponsorship. Key is to wait and better prepare your application next time. If you rush in re-applying, it would hurt application futher. Senator/Congressman would write standard letter on request basis, however, without a pressing reason, that letter may not carry any value. Good luck.
  2. himanshu.pandit

    Any Limits of i134

    Please have your affidavit of support (I-134) filled out with your actual assets etc. and send it to her to keep as a document in her pocket. As others mentioned, she does not need it. However, if asked, she can present. It would be advisable and more favorable for getting visa if she can show her own assets or your parents assets in India to demonstrate her ties to India. She should have all details (where you live, whom to you work for, your immigration status, your parents visa etc.). Best of luck.
  3. himanshu.pandit

    Passport validility duing the US stay on B2-Visitor Visa

    Your mother is fine with passport validity dates. If I were you I would not apply for passport renewal in India before travelling or while she is here in USA. In my opinion, she should apply for passport renewal once she goes back to India in August 2014. https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/572/kw/passport%20validity%20to%20enter%20USA/session/L3RpbWUvMTM4OTE1MDcxMi9zaWQvSHI2XzJRSmw%3D/suggested/1 http://cdn.ustraveldocs.com/in/in-gen-faq.asp#gen1
  4. himanshu.pandit

    Renew B2 Visa

    If at all possible, ask your parent to travel during the month of March (not necessary since visa expires on 5/20/2014, however, useful). As mentioned by others, he will be allowed to stay for a period of six months from his arrival date. If I were you, I would not attempt either extending stay or visiting any other country (like Mexico, Canada) while he is here for the first time on a single entry, one year visa. A first good record will help me get visa in the future.
  5. himanshu.pandit

    Parents Visa from Canada to US

    Please don't make this mistake (applying US visa for your indian citizen mother from Canada). Please resist that thought. Chances are she would be asked to apply in her own country and most likely all future attempts to apply from India would lead to rejection. Let her enjoy/complete her stay in Canada and ask her to apply (after six months) for US visa in India. This would improve her chances tremendously.
  6. himanshu.pandit

    US Citizen filing Visitor Visa for Old Parents

    It would be not easy (however not impossible) for your old parents to get visitor visa given that you have attempted immigration for them before and also you have not mentioned any strong ties (i.e. living with your brother or other family or significant assets or strong reason to visit). Age is a factor also. However, I would not loose hope. Each individual case is different. Specifically given immigration status attempt before, I would suggest getting some legal help here. There are many other factors also -- where they are applying, when they are applying, if they can communicate clearly (in English) and explain their situation during interview. You might have abandoned immigration application since you could not get proper documents. It might be possible to get an affidavit and other proof of their marriage. As unusual as it might sound, you might be better of hiring an attorney and filing their immigration again. It might be done quicker than a couple of tourist visa rejection cycle. Don't loose hope. Don't rush (unless there is a strong reason). I hope your parents can get their visa in the future either immigrant or non-immigrant and your family can spend some time together.