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  1. Same situation here. We are getting closer to our citizenship (only few months away). We had to write a letter to VO indicating why our parents doesn't want to immigrate to US and also explained why B2 is the only option they have to visit us. See this thread http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/69465-joef-rahul412-jairichic-please-help-parents-visa-b2-rejected/ for my suggestions. Good luck
  2. I had the same situation. see this thread http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/69465-joef-rahul412-jairichic-please-help-parents-visa-b2-rejected/ We got approved second time. You may want to wait for few months before applying
  3. spower

    B2 Visa granted after 5 rejections

    Congrats! We received after 1st rejection in chennai Now we are waiting for passport. when did your parents went to consulate?
  4. You may want to wait for few months before trying again. I had similar situation and visa was rejected. I am positive you have a better chance of getting approval next time. Here is my recommendation. 1. File all documents in a folder with a white sheet indicating what each document contains 2. Write the city/street name in telugu and ask your parents to memorize before going to interview 3. write equivalent telugu words for all relevant information (your employer name etc) 4. Next time, write a letter to the consular and ask your parents to give the letter to the consular during the conversation (This is crucial) 5. You may want your parents to self sponsor only the flight ticket (who is paying for the trip) 6. You may want to ask for 8 weeks or 2 months instead of longer duration One last key piece of information, ask your parents to dress well (similar to attending wedding). Trust me, I took consultation from murthy firm in chennai and came to know this is one of the key elements VO look for. Goodluck! When you apply next time, be sure to include the 214b information in DS-160