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  1. You have applied too many times in short period of time. Give a break. Even though your in-laws intention might be to visit your family and go back to India, the VOs were not convinced that your in-laws will not go back and their toes with home country. If they want to travel to US in future, probably 2 years down the lane, they better establish their credibility as just tourists. Best way is to travel to some other countries and hopefully it may convince the VO in future.
  2. krish55

    Using Public Services on H1 for US Citizen child

    Sorry for your situation. Your son's use State sponsored early intervention will not affect your GC. 1. You are not public charge, your son is 2. Your son is US born citizen. So the public charge does not apply anyway.
  3. My spouse was arrested and charged with 4th degree theft and the trial is set in a month. Most probably we are planning to plea for a deferred judgement. My employer is starting my GC process and what do I need to fill in the section " you or your accompanying family member have ever been arrested, charged, convicted..............." ? Can I leave it blank and say that I am not willing to include my spouse in GC application.