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  1. HI Draj- my status got changed from admin process to issued today. Need to check at loomis center today at 6:30 pm . Usually they receive the passport when our status got changed to issued even though we dont get the way bill no. It happened to all of my friends. You can check the status online at https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?
  2. HI Deeraj, Can you please let me know when did you attend your interview and what is your online passport status. Mine and my friend's status got changed from ready to admin processing today only.
  3. HI , You can sent an email to calgary-niv@state.gov asking the status . They will reply with in couple of hours

    PIMS email address

    Hi Shran, As per knowledge there is no any particular email id for Calgary as Vancouver do. But you can send an email to PIMS@state.gov, .
  5. HI Ram, Your status may change today as it is holiday yesterday. I have attended interview on Jan/14 and I was told that I had no PIMS updated and takes 2 or 3 more business days. I am still waiting for my passport. Are there any one known to you who have similar issue on the same week. Just want to know the status .
  6. HI Raj, My I797 got approved in August and my H1 got started from Oct/01/2013. Is there any way to find out if PIMS got updated or not? Thanks for your post.
  7. Are there anyone who have issue with PIMS at Calgary during week Jan13 - Jan17 ? I and one more friend who got visa approved on Jan14 was told that our PIMS were not updated and so need to wait couple of more days than normal process. Want to know if any are on same page with status not changed or passport not received ?
  8. HI , I have appointment on Jan 14 and I will be reaching Calgary on Jan12 @4 PM. Do let me know if we can work out something for sharing accommodation.

    Looking for accommodation in Calgary from Jan12 - Jan17

    HI, Thanks for replying . I am travelling on Jan12 will reach Calgary by 3 pm on the same day. Will keep in touch and see if we can work out something . Also please do let me know if any your friends have plans during our time ie Jan 12 - 18
  10. Looking for accommodation in Calgary from Jan12 - Jan17 . Please do let me know if any one having appointment during this time at Calgary .