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  1. How is the current trend regarding AP denial for H1B ? My wife has approved H1B till 2021, need to stamp that this time. I am LPR, her i-130 is pending, and PD is current (date of filing for family category) in July VB. We would like to file AOS with EAD/AP but heard about rejection of AP even with H1b in end of last year. I have no idea about current trend. Can we file 485 without AP ? We need to visit India in September as well as December.
  2. texasearcher

    EB1-B Cost Question

    My employer is willing to sponsor EB1-B but I have to pay the cost. So, is it illegal or any negative impact on me or my employer ?
  3. I received I-797C approval notice however it does not have i-94 attached with it and online also it hasn't been updated. Also, they give me extension only until 2017. Is it because my passport is expiring in 2017 ? Can anyone describe please, how does the approval notice look like Thanks
  4. texasearcher

    gift-card for additional work

    I work for employer A, who filed my H1-B. I was doing volunteering with Employer B and now they wants to hire me and pay me for 8-10 hours of work/week. I know it is illegal to work for other employer. But, he is willing you pay me by gift-card or any other gifts. My employer A does not have nay objection with it. Thanks
  5. texasearcher

    Exceptional Ability: Do I Qualify?

    Thanks a ton, will contact you next year before I apply.
  6. texasearcher

    Exceptional Ability: Do I Qualify?

    Thanks,..what about EB-1 chance ?and which specific EB-1 category? My employer is going to sponsor me next year.
  7. texasearcher

    Exceptional Ability: Do I Qualify?

    Good Morning, I know it is impossible for you to judge whether I would get the greencard or not, but could you please suggest me what other qualifications do I need to apply for greencard ? I have the degree of MBBS from India and MPH from USA. I am thinking of applying for the greencard in next April. Here is the summary of my qualifications 118 neurology publications (all in high impact international journal and top rank of neurology, ) 10 first author abstract and all presented at the international conference 1 first author paper 30 second-third author paper/abstract 70 citations No patent 1 press-note Reviewer for 3 journals 1 book chapter Recommendation from top ranked neurologist in the world . I am on my 3rd year of H1-B visa and just filed for 3 years extension. So, please let me know your input, Thanks,
  8. texasearcher

    i140 or i485 and j1/f1

    Thanks a lot..I agree with JoeF...I consulted few layers as well and it is almost impossible to hv j1 or f1 visa...thanks a lot..so I cant file greencard as might get medical residency on j1 next year..
  9. If my i-140 gets denied, does it affect my future j1 visa or f1 visa ?? similarly if i140 gets approved and i485 gets denied ..does that affect j1 or f1 visa?
  10. Need the suggestion on whether to go for EB-1a or not ? Already consulted couple of lawyers and their suggestion was 50-50% chances..so if some of you have experience or any lawyer can evaluate then it would be helpful. I am planning to apply for EB1-A by self and I am Physician from India and did Masters in Clinical Research from USA. Here are my qualifications, · 91 abstract publications (5 first author international conference presentations), · 14 paper publication (one first author), most of them in high impact journals and top most in the specific field and worked significantly for all of them. · 1 press-note, · Reviewer for three journals and reviewed 4 papers until now, · Overall combined 40 citations. Two very strong recommendations from top most physician in the world in his particular field. Also, I can get good recommendation from person who does not know me personally. Only thing I fear do not have yet is the membership in internartional society, awards and book chapter.
  11. I am thinking of applying in EB2 category of neurology research. I am MD from India and planning for residency in USA in near future.So, if I change from research to residency do I have to reapply ? As I am hoping I should get residency in 1-2 years. Also, if I change from Neurology Research to Pediatrics Research do I have to reapply for EB2 ?? I have over 10 publications 60 conference abstracts, 5 first author international conference presentation and 1 first author publication. Almost all in high impact journals. Reviewer for 2 high impact journals, 1 press note, 3 years job experience. So, is it worth to take a risk for Eb-1? Please advice.
  12. Hello, first of all I am new to the forum and don't have enough time to read all the topics so sorry if the question is posted again, I am MBBS from India and I have done my Masters in Clinical Research from USA and working in research hospital. I would like to know how are my chances, I have 6 publications until now and over 50 published abstract in various journal with impact factor rangin from 4 to 15. But as a first author I only have 1 published abstract in journal with impact factor of 15. Also, expecting 4 more publication within 2 months. In addition, I am reviewer for 2 journals with impact factor of 4 and 17. Job experience is almost 1.8 years but already have previous 1.5 years of research experience as research assistant. Also, I am working with one of the top 5 doctor in the world in particular surgery and also know few other who are very strong recommendation letter writer. Please if you give your 2 cents over this topic, or To the Murthy law firm if you could provide email or phone no to connect and I am happy to pay for the service. Regards, Texan