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  1. Hello, Our H1/H4 visa got approved in Calgary on Jan 18th and collected the passports from the post office on Jan 25th . This visit was for renewal and second time in Calgary. Fourth time H1 renewal. The interview was at 8:00 am on Thursday Jan 18th and we took a Airbnb near the consulate in downtown walking distance from the Consulate. We reached there at around 7:25 am at Rocky Mountain Plaza building. On the ground floor itself the front desk checked our documents ( DS-160 confirmation page or Appointment confirmation) and latest one 2*2 photo. After screening some personnel took a bunch of us in a line to 10th floor where the actual consulate is. On the first window they checked the documents again ( passport and I797 original). They put both the passports together and wrote down "NO PIMS" on back of my passport and gave it back to me. Next Window was finger printing and after that we were standing in queue to be called by the VO.The Interview was a breeze few questions regarding job location, employer, education. For my spouse questions as to how many years we were married and her employment information ( H4 EAD ). After a few minutes of typing the VO mentioned that our visa's were approved and it would take 5-10 business days. We took off to Banff for the weekend and spend time in and around Calgary. Got an email notification on Jan 24th that a tracking number has been created. Picked up the passport from Canada PO next day. All the Best to all.
  2. Congratulations! Thanks for posting your experience.
  3. PositiveThinking

    H1 and H4 Renewal Stamping @MATAMOROS - DONE 12/12/2017

    Thanks for sharing your experience in this forum.
  4. PositiveThinking

    H1B & H4 Stamping Calgary Jan 2018

    Dear Forum Members, Any of you planning to travel to Calgary for H1B stamping? Please let me know. Also, I have noticed there are a lot of topics with respect to h1b stamping in Calgary. Please do share your recent experience. Thanks !
  5. I went to Calgary. Not a single doc was asked.
  6. I took an email from the Supervisor that they do not issue client letter. The letter contained my roles and responsibilities.You should be find with the email. Good Luck !
  7. PositiveThinking

    Automatic revalidation travelling to Canada

    Please check with your attorney.
  8. PositiveThinking

    PIMS Update Process time

    1. It will be automatically taken care of. I had my H1 B Amendment done too and went for visa without any issues. 2. You don't have to worry about PIMS update.No action is required from your end.
  9. PositiveThinking

    Canada Fever Over? Jamaica = New Hot Spot h1b?

    Every US Consulate is the same . The visa officers have there own way of verifying your background & eligibility of your H1 B visa by asking you questions in addition to requesting supporting documents from you or your employer. As long as you are confident and have nothing to mask you should be fine in any US Consulate. For some they want to enjoy the vacation time in Jamaica and for some its a time or money constraint. Go wherever you feel comfortable and can make your travel plans easy. Please do not base your judgement with the posts in the forum. Good Luck !!
  10. PositiveThinking

    Client Letter Format contridiction

    There should not be any problem. I did not have client letter as they would not give one according to policy. As long as you have an email or a letter stating that you are working at client location that should be good. I was not asked any client letter. Also carry your badge. Best of luck !
  11. PositiveThinking

    H1 & H4 stamping Successful in Calgary

    Received Passport this morning. Loomis did not send any email. They called my cell and home number in US and left a message to come and pick up. Please do take the print out of Reference ID from http://usvisa-info.com website and your Drivers license. It looks like they returning passports in two working days. Our appointment was on Thursday and we got passport from Loomis on Monday Afternoon. We did book our tickets on June 7th just to be on safe side. Good Luck All !
  12. PositiveThinking

    H1 & H4 stamping Successful in Calgary

    We booked the appointment on May 2nd that time it was showing all dates from May 29th onward. Please keep checking the website. It may also be that since Summer is around the corner Consulate gets busy with visitor visas and other visas for people traveling to US from Calgary. We are still in Calgary waiting for the passport. Let me know if you have any other questions. Please use the email in my profile to contact me.
  13. Hi , Please check the CEAC website for application status. We also had appointment yesterday. Please check the status in ceac website and let us know. Thanks,
  14. PositiveThinking

    H1 & H4 stamping Successful in Calgary

    Hello Everyone, Thanks all for sharing there experiences here in the forum. Its my turn to do the same. Stamping @ Calgary was very cool and No documents were asked except for 797 , DS 160 and passport. I did not have client letter just an email from client. Appointment @ 8 am. They let you in @ 7:30 AM with security checks. You are seated and once your token number is called you go to the Window. Questions asked : 1. Do you work at a client location? 2. What is the name of your client? 3. How long you been working for the employer ? 4. Does he pay you well and on time ? 5. Are you going to be working for the same employer ? 6. Is your Immigration petition filed ( GC ) ? 7. How long are you working in the US ? For wife 1. Are you working? 2. What is your educational background. There was a brief moment of typing and checking for PIMS verification. Finally got a white paper to collect passport from Loomis once we receive an email. They took both the passports and I 797. Hope they return the passport along with I797. Now off to sightseeing in Calgary to Banff and Jasper National Parks. Note: Please do not get your cell phones, Remote car keys, USB drives. There are clear instructions not to bring them in @ security check point. You can grab a sandwich and coffee at Tim Hortons inside the building. There is public parking right next to the building. Good Luck Everyone !!
  15. PositiveThinking

    DS-160 query

    Employee Contact Information.