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    President Obama's Immigration Plan

    I have I-140 approved and out of USA for more than a year and my PD is also current. How can these new laws help me to get back to USA? Any suggestions please?
  2. Thanks for your reply. Somewhere I read that If H1B visa holder is outside USA for more than 1 year then he needs to file for new H1B visa. Since I was outside USA for about 2.5 years, then don't I have to file for new H1B visa even if my 140 is approved? If I get new H1B visa then and file my GC with new employer then can i use my PD date of my previous GC (that is June 2002)?
  3. Thank you so much for your reply. I had H1B visa for about 12 years. I checked my I140 status online on USICS site and it showed status as approved and that it was mailed to me in 2008. 1) Is there any other way to find out if my I140 was revoked other than checking with my previous employer? 2) If I am eligible for non H1 extension based on approved I-140 then can I any employer sponsor my H1B visa and at time time of the year? 3) If my H1B is sponsered by another company and if I go back to USA then what are the steps to file my GC application? As per my understanding my new employer has to file for new labor and I140. The new I140 will get the PD of the approved I140 from previous employer and then I can opt for Consular process or I485 AOS. Again thanks for your input.
  4. My H1B visa expired on 30th Nov 2011.
  5. My I 140 was approved in the year 2008. After 3 years of waiting for my PD to be current and to be eligible for to file my GC, I resigned from my company and returned back to India in Aug 31 2011. My PD is July 2002. Now I want to go back to USA, with my approved I140, what are my options? Please Help!!!!