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  1. You should answer it as no. Since your visa was approved. It doesnot ask about any RFE in particular. I answered it as No.
  2. Hi Newbie2016, I had a similar situation like you. I went to Toronto in 2014 Jan was given 221G Yellow. It resolved in 5 weeks. That H1 was valid for one year. I had my extension stamping this Jan in Vancouver,( I know its not advisible to repeat the same mistake/ take chance, but I had to do it for different reasons). It was smooth this time as the VOs in Vancouver are verifying your job details, employer details, LCAs, paystubs, and most importantly DLs. The addresses in all these mentioned files should match. You can have an issue if there is any discrepancy here. Otherwise you should be good for the most part. Good Luck with your stamping.
  3. hitby221G

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    @all: Congrats on getting the approval. Do you know how long it takes once you submit your passport?
  4. hitby221G

    H1B Visa stamping at Toronto - No PIMS

    @jdjoe: They returned my passport :( Is your case yellow 221G as well?? I have to submit passport once they approve it.
  5. hitby221G

    H1B Visa stamping at Toronto - No PIMS

    @all : My manager was contacted last friday by the immigration. They asked him about project and start and end dates of my contract. He provided the info and updated me this morning. I checked the CEAC website but there is no update yet. How long will it take from this point? Can anyone shed some light? Thank you
  6. hitby221G

    H1B Visa stamping at Toronto - No PIMS

    @abc321 && @hitsandeep: Congrats to both of you on approval. @hitsandeep: When did your status get updated? You had same case as mine right(221G Yellow) ? How many updates did you have from the date of interview? Please reply back.
  7. hitby221G

    H1B Visa stamping at Toronto - No PIMS

    Hi all, for the yellow 221G processing, did any of you guys receive batch number in the form that VO gave you?? I was not given any batch number? how will that affect ? Please advice
  8. hitby221G

    H1B Visa stamping at Toronto - No PIMS

    Hi, did any of you receive updates again? Yesterday and day before were holidays but just wanted to know if any of you got any updates.
  9. hitby221G

    H1B Visa stamping at Toronto - No PIMS

    Hi friends, I faced the similar situation at Toronto Consulate on Dec 19th . The lady at the first counter wrote NO PIMS on DS 160 as she couldnt find info she was looking for in the system. Photographs were taken before allowing inside. During the interview, VO asked few general questions about my education, job, employer and duration for which I was working for? He looked into the system and typed something and asked why I chose to come to Toronto to get stamped and not in home country. Gave him explanation that I couldnt afford to take leave and was permitted only for a limited time. so chose Toronto instead. He gave me the yellow slip and passport back saying they dont have enough details in the system and my case would require administrative processing. Dint ask for any documents. He said it might take some time and did not give specific time frame. He asked me to wait till I hear from the consulate. My status was showing as ready for interview till this morning. It got updated to Administrative processing this afternoon when I checked again. How long is the typical wait time in this scenario. I got yellow 221 G slip and returned passport. I 797 was taken. Please inform if you hear anything from consulate again.