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  1. how long I need to wait for RFE or some kind of notice from USCIS. its been 4 months since I received the refusal sheet from consulate and it is now 11 months gone with 221g. It is a long wait and not sure whether it is OK to wait this long. Will I be able to transfer my petition if the NOID/NOIR is sent?
  2. I guess it is employer client relationship, but not sure. They did not ask me any docs in 221g just mentioned admin processing.
  3. Kander, I got the refusal sheet now saying case is sent to USCIS:-( There is no reason mentioned.
  4. 221g is issued during my h1b visa interview and now the refusal worksheet is sent after 6 months mentioning case is sent to USCIS for review. What is the general processing time for the consular returm case like this.
  5. Hello All, Is there any time limit the max we can wait for 221G blue slip. I got the 221g blue slip in Chennai consulate on 08 Oct 2013 and did not get any further update since then... Let me know is it OK to wait still or is it might be a denial case. Thanks
  6. Is there any time limit the max we can wait to get the 221g status... My case is not changed since October 8, 2013 (its been 6 months)...
  7. pss21

    Time limit to apply I-140

    ok Thanks pontevecchio.
  8. pss21

    Time limit to apply I-140

    Hello All, I would like to know is there a time limit or expiration date for the ceritifed labor before I apply I-140. Thanks
  9. Hello All, Its been 4 months and I still did not have any response from Chennai Consulate. Whenever I call them they respond the same - it is in admin processing and there is no definite timeline. My employer attorney has raised it to legalNet and still no response. Can anyone share your experience or suggest me if there is any way to expedite this process. Thanks
  10. Bajarang16, Updated my email-ID.
  11. jairichi, Consulate has the project itinerary and the corresponding contracts copy with them. But they not contacted my employer or in-house project clients till now.
  12. how long it will take generally? what is the chance of being approved?
  13. Hello, I have got 221G Blue slip during my H1B visa interview. It is mentioned as Administrative processing and there were no requests to submit any docs from me or my petitioner. Interview date: 8-OCT-2013 CEAC last status update date: 8-OCT-2013 It has been more than 10 weeks and there is no update so far in CEAC link and I have tried calling couple of times to Chennai Consulate helpdesk number and got at reply that the AAP processing time is different from case to case and I will be intimated once the AAP processing is done. No further clear updates on how long it will take. Did anyone got this kind of case? Please suggest how to get some clear update on 221G case. Thanks