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  1. bradfico

    Appointment date process in Toronto

    CSC is jus CSC is just giving u an option that there is an available appointment in 2 days... if you go past that...you will see a calendar with available dates.
  2. bradfico

    Toronto Feb2014 Admin Processing

    FPU is usually prompt but they can take upto 3 business days to reply...dont worry...if you used the correct email address...they will get it... Toronto was a weird experience for me...my earlier stamping was in vancouver and the officers there were very helpful... Anyways, the point is...they should have ur documents, if you want to be even more sure about it...then suggest...just go and drop it... eventually...its the peace of mind...u get in doing a certain act... Hang in there...u shud be out soon...good luck!!!
  3. the canadian customs doesnt take ur i-94... i recently drove from buffalo to toronto...at the border...the canadian guys said...keep it...you will need it on ur way back... I have been to canada for stamping in a bus as well...the canadian customs do not take ur I-94...u can always try... you can always return it when you are entering into the country after your stamping...doesnt matter.... I think the automatic re validation has to do something with this...if you have a valid I-94 and a valid 797...you can come back into the US from (canada or Mexico) within 30 days...even if your visa on the passport has expired This is not applicable if you have already attended your visa interview and have your passport in hand while your visa stamping is being processed. Slowly they are all moving to an electronic form of I-94
  4. bradfico

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    Check the CEAC website to see if your status has moved to "issued" Also, if you have a way to get to Loomis, go there or call them requesting to check if there is a package for your reference number...
  5. bradfico

    Toronto Feb2014 Admin Processing

    Just send them an email asking for reciept confirmation...they will acknowledge normally...
  6. bradfico

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    Mine was the same...effective wait time was 30 days... Just keep emailing TRTFPU or the TRTNIV..(NIV normally gives u a standard email), FPU on the other hand...u can expect some replies
  7. Guys... I booked this hotel (Woodbine hotel) 30 vice regent blvd, toronto, ON until 7th Jan thinking my processing will take sometime...as i have been here in toronto from dec 16th... Just now, i got an email from Loomis that my passport is ready to pick up and also the status in the CSC states the same... I booked the room through hotwire, so there is no way it can be reimbursed...so if someone is interested...pls write to the email on my profile... the room is really nice...it has 2 double beds...microwave and fridge...the only problem is there are no restaurants close by...this place is good if someone has a car. i spoke to the front desk...he can release my credit card and swipe your card for incidentals...so it will be a clean takeover from both sides. I will be leaving by 11AM tomorrow....so if anyone is interested please write to me early and meet me at the hotel between 10-11AM. I wish all the guys out here a happy new year and good luck!!!
  8. bradfico

    Toronoto - Canada - H1B Stamping

    i dont know what they want from me yet....and its been 10 days...:) and i work full time...i also suspect some educational query on my processing as well...
  9. bradfico

    Toronoto - Canada - H1B Stamping

    i still dont understand the concept of processing time being longer at a consulate....i am stuck in Toronto as well from dec 16th...the interview went fine...as for all other people who were told by VO that he cant find some info on the system...i was also told the same...the consulate has my passport as well..its been 10 days now excluding the holidays but no status update other than admin processing on the CEAC on dec 18th. But isnt the DOS responsible for all 221g cases, what does a consulate have to do to expedite or review your case faster?
  10. @JDJOE--- Do you have your passport? Did yo try to collect the same? I am in the same boat from 16th december...and i also got the same email when i asked for a status....the CEAC shows last status update on 18th december... i am a FT employee and have no clue what is the admin processing they are doing.
  11. bradfico

    IS Jan 2 holiday for Consulate in Calgary.???

    i think only montreal and quebec consulates is closed...
  12. bradfico

    h1b stamping in canada

    225 Simcoe St, Toronto, ON M5G 1S4, Canada http://toronto.usconsulate.gov/
  13. Hey guys, I am also stuck in a similar situation, VO said everything ok and in 2 days time the status in CEAC was changed to Admin processing. Now i want to go to India but i dont have the passport. Anyone knows how to get back the passport from the consulate? it seems the Toronto Consulate is short staffed and back logged... i am currently staying in etobicoke in a hotel...planning to move out and share accomodation... Anyone planning for a similar move, i will be working on weekdays... Let me know, if you want to meet...its holiday season and its boring nd frustrating sitting alone in the room...my email is on the profile.