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  1. Hello, RMV did not renew my DL (reason - Unable to issue DL without approval notice), My existing H1B expires next week, I have the renewal receipt. Does any one experienced similar issue in Massachusetts ? Any work around to get DL renewed ? Thanks,
  2. Parker

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

  3. Parker

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    Hi dobby123, thanks for reply... let me know the visa validity after you receive it on hand. Thanks, Parker
  4. Parker

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    Update from my side.... Jest Received Passport request ( Interview Date July 7th - PP request date July 26th - 221g Blue with resume taken ) Will update once I submit and receive.
  5. if you have all proper documents... they wont reject.... the worst case you can expect is delay in processing... like your case goes to Administrative processing and it may take from few days to months to clear that.... Good Luck...
  6. Parker

    Successful H1B Stamping in Ottawa

  7. Parker

    H1-B Visa Stamp in India ( Dec 16)

    You need to attend in person interview as you have changed the employer...
  8. Parker

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    I believe yellow slip is just employment confirmation from your employer/client, So it shouldn't take longer if your employer/client responds in timely manner.
  9. Parker

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    Congrats dobby123, I have a few questions....plz respond that helps a lot 1) Have you seen any updated dates in CEAC website...during this 19 business days after the interview date ? 2) How did you submit the pass port ? in person or through mail ? Can we request to pick the passport at the embassy next day ? 3) Also confirm how long the visa is valid ? till end of petition or shorted than petition end date ? thanks, Parker
  10. Parker

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    have you seen any updated date change after this mail in ceae website ?
  11. Parker

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    Hi Suchigupta, Did they issue visa till the end of the petition or only 1 year or 2 years ( i mean less than petition). Thanks, Parker
  12. Parker

    H1 transfer Denied and Approved without I94. Whats next?

    1) Talk to attorney 2) Odds are same, Go where ever you are able to secure an appointment sooner. 3) Why did your employer not apply h4 along with h1. I guess she is out of status....check with attorney 4) Yes its fine to apply i140
  13. Parker

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    Did any one contacted embassy for updates ?
  14. Parker

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs in 2016

    All these thing wont speed up the process, if your case stacked somewhere with out any body looking into it...probably a senators enquiry will move the dust
  15. Parker

    221g Blue Slip - H1B - Ottawa

    Damn !... seems like waiting game.... did you see any updated date in you case ?