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  1. Hi All, Sorry for the delayed response. I went to Jamaica and it worked for me without any issues.I got my visa stamped. Which means you can go to any consulate.
  2. If anyone is going to India in the month of May and can share the available stamping dates in any consulate in India...
  3. Anyone like to share the stamping dates available in any Indian consulate Kolkata/Mumbai/Hyd in the month on May...
  4. Sorry to update you so late. I got an email from the embassy...that my passport is ready for pickup by Friday (I appeared for interview on Monday). It got delayed for 2 days. where the possibility could be upto 10 days. Please take care.
  5. I have written to the embassy today and they revert back saying that My visa is ready and Its ready to pick up by Friday 2:00 PM.
  6. I am staying at Christar Villas and looking for some one in similar situation to share my room . It is available from Today... Pelase let me know.
  7. I have not got any slip.....don't know what that means. Please update me once you receive your updated passport.
  8. Hi , I think all of us who came for visa stamping to Kingston Jamaica around Feb 3 and got delayed due to Pink slip or PIMS update , will have similar plans to stay in Jamaica for extended period. It will be good to see if anyone is available to share hotel room. I am one of them who got delayed and staying in Christar Villas...mine got delayed because of PIMS update. Most probably I will be extending my stay here in Jamaica. Let's see if we can help each other by sharing the room...Good luck to all.
  9. Please make sure your PIMS information is updated....before coming here for stamping. Search online for PIMS. My visa got delayed because of this reason. Now I am waiting to hear back from them.... Will update soon...
  10. Hi Guys, Unfortunately I got PIMS delay....and my visa is not yet approved. I am here till Friday FEB 7.... I am already sharing the room with a friend till ...Friday. Unfortunately If I have to stay beyond Friday I would like to share the room. Please let me know If anyone is interested to share after FEB 7.
  11. Sorry ....I have decided to share with a friend Ravikiran this option is no more available...Thanks for all of your responses.
  12. folks please update your email Ids on your profile...or contact me using my email id from my profile.Dont leave your email Id here its getting masked.
  13. Please update your profile to have email ID or contact me using my email Id from my profile.