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  1. Hi, I came to US on H-4 visa and converted to F-1 Visa and completed my MBA from Hult International business School. I am on OPT right now. My OPT is non Stem and Valid upto September 2014. I have a job offer at Google through a genuine recruiting agency(not the IT recruiting agencies) . This is a 6 months contract. I am planning to go to India before the job starts. I have a few questions 1)How risky is it to travel on OPT given my specific situation where I have a temporary job offer with a reputed company and my visa is converted from H4 to F1. 2)If asked on what are my plans after OPT, can I tell that I plan to go back on H4 and start a family? Will my plan of having a child in USA pose any treat to my reentry in USA?