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  1. Thanks for the update. Any idea how long it takes to reflect in PIMS system? Is there any alternative way to check the status or they have to wait for PIMS system to reflect the same?
  2. My friend went for H1b stamping recently, but he was given 221g form without any additional docs requested. He submitted ds160 while his amendment was in process and before the interview, the amendment was approved. His company immigration team informed him to submit another ds160 with new petition and he followed the same. During PA, he was informed that amendment status is not reflected in system and hence giving 221g for administrative processing. Has anyone went thru this type of case and any idea how long it takes for visa approval in this scenario.
  3. Hi, I came to US on a H1B visa. My visa and I94 is getting expired by Dec 18th. Now, I am moving to new location for a new position I have sent the H1B extension documents to my employer and they are processing it. I am not sure about the LCA filing status, but it is not approved yet. I want to know how long it will take for LCA processing and what will be my status If the H1B extension is not filed before the visa expiration date