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  1. Last year my wife went to Toronto to convert her H4 visa to F1 visa. She was issued a 221G (Pink Slip). Fortunately for us her H4 visa was still valid. So we emailed the consulate to return her passport so we can go back to US with her H4 visa. The consulate took a long time to reply back (10 days) but they eventually returned her passport and we were able to come back to USA. Once we got the email from them saying her admin processing is complete, she went back to Toronto. The total process took around 6 weeks. Bottom line if you are worried about a possible admin processing, then go for stamping before your current visa has expired. If the consulate puts you on admin processing, then ask them for your passport and they will return you so you can travel. Hope this helps.
  2. rahul.karthik1

    Reg: H1b Stamping in Canada

    It depends on what consulate are you planning to visit in Canada. Toronto - is the toughest from what i have heard and experienced my self. My wife went for F1 student visa stamping from H4 to Toronto last year and was issued a 221G. Vancouver is relatively easy i hear. At least the staff is friendly. I would recommend having your visa stamped in India.
  3. rahul.karthik1

    221g in Canada

    In my case when they issued a 221G in Toronto, we emailed them what they asked for. They asked for details and not for specific documents. Regarding the time it took, it took me around 5 weeks to complete admin processing and another 1 week to get the visa in hand.
  4. rahul.karthik1

    Shall I go visa stamping to Canada

    Hi you certainly can. I would however advice you against it. Dont go to Toronto in particular. They are not a very friendly consulate and are very tough. My wife went to toronto for F1 visa stamping earlier this year and was issued 221G (Admin Processing). It took 2 months. If you do go then be prepared to face this dire situation. Also another thing to keep in mind is - if u do have to go to canada, then go while your current H1B visa stamp is still valid. That way if you are issued an admin processing 221G then u can ask them to return ur passport back while they are doing the processing. That way you can come back to US and wait until it is done and then go back when they are ready to issue u the new visa. But keep in mind this is only possible if ur current visa has not expired. This is what we ended up doing.
  5. rahul.karthik1

    Change status to H1b from H4

    yes i think you would have to go to india. My wife was in a similar situation ... her F1 visa was in admin processing in toronto while she was in USA ... we emailed the consulate and asked them if she has to be physically present and here is their reply - If you wish to obtain your F-1 visa at this Consulate, you will need to be physically present in Canada, you cannot be granted a visa while you are still in the U. S. The visa will be affixed to your passport for presentation to a DHS officer at the border who will admit you in F-1 status.
  6. rahul.karthik1

    221g London

    hi phani. My wife went to toronto for F1 visa processing recently and was given yellow 221G. But she had a valid H4 visa so we asked the consular if they would give us our passport back and they gave it back. So she came back to USA and waited while admin processing was being done. So if you have a valid visa then email the consulate. Even otherwise email them and let them know that your UK visa is expiring on 16th, so ask them to hurry up. Admin processing time varies from case to case, also the color of your form indicates the severity .... not sure about white. I have seen some cases take 2-4 weeks for us it took 6 weeks. Hope this helps.
  7. F1 toronto submitted passport on 22nd July...status changed to Issued today Aug 5th
  8. Updates from Travel.state.gov website - Consular Consolidated Database: Updates on Operational Status We have made significant progress and issued most of the worldwide backlog of nonimmigrant visa cases. We are working to bring the Consular Consolidated Database back to full operational capacity. We continue to prioritize immigrant visas, adoption cases, and emergency nonimmigrant visa cases. We are printing visas for these cases with very few delays. We are aware of a small number of visa cases still in process because of system performance issues. We are working diligently to clear those cases. Visa applicants are advised they might still experience delays of up to one week in addition to normal processing times. Applicants should take this into consideration when making travel plans. Please check with the embassy or consulate where you will apply for additional information. Please see our FAQs for more information.
  9. My wife's status at Toronto is still Administrative processing. Submitted passport on 22nd July. Anybody in toronto in similar situation ?? Did anybody from 21st or 22nd got their passports back ?
  10. Hi Stanjavoor, My wife submitted her passport on 22nd July in Toronto. Her case is still administrative processing still. we are eagerly checking to see if the status changes soon.
  11. rahul.karthik1

    Help needed with H1 Transfer - Urgent please

    Hi Naresh, I am no expert but here is my 2 cents on this issue. Question 1. Will there be any issue joining the Employer B without the visa approved? No. This is the norm. For the other questions i am not certain. You can consult a lawyer by phone if you want.
  12. Hello all, My wife submitted her passport for F1 visa stamping in Toronto on July 22nd. So far we her status has not changed in CEAC website. It shows as administrative processing. We have not heard anything from the LOOMIS either. I guess the situation in toronto is slightly different. Toronto has stopped issuing visa appointments to Indian nationals applying from there. Infact she appeared for her visa interview on June 9th, and it was picked up for administrative processing. We requested the consulate to return her passport until her administrative processing is complete. Fortunately they agreed since she had a valid H4 visa to return to US. On July 17th she received an email from the consulate saying her administrative processing is complete and they she needs to submit her passport. She submitted her passport back to Loomis on July 21st and it was received by toronto consulate on 22nd. since then we have not heard anything. My wife called Loomis and they mentioned they dont know anything about any system crash, nor have they seen a decline in the number of passports. I guess my explanation is probably the folks applying in toronto are mostly canadian nationals applying for H1B or F1 visas and that they are not affected by this system crash !!! Not sure. Kris and others please add me to your email list. My email id is my murthy id followed by @gmail.com.
  13. Hello, I can tell you about what happened with me and it might help. My company (i have been working with them for 3 years) applied for my H1 Extension but forgot to apply for my wife since this was the first time after our wedding. My H1 was approved for 8 monthly (since its the end of my 6 years term) and i noticed that my wife's I797 was missing 2 months later, i told this to my lawyer. They told me not to worry, they had to apply for my extension anyway and this time along with my papers they made a Nunc Proc Tunc H4 Application. In the application they added an appendix mentioning that they forgot to apply last time and that it was at no fault of my wife, and that asking her to leave the country now will cause great hardship to the family. They also mentioned that otherwise she qualifies for an approval and that she has done nothing to disqualify. We got the approval in 10 days, when going through her new I797 i realized they have not back tracked the dates on her I797 - i.e. they have not given it for the missing period. I informed my lawyer who in turn contacted CIS and got the error fixed. Anyway bottom line if this happens dont worry, take immediate action and get legal help. But things can be fixed.