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  1. Harry1903

    H1B Extension RFE for "Profit university"

    Right Joef. @veerun14 , I said it is acceptance never mentioned i got approval. The reason why it moved to "acceptance" . My employer requested for premium processing thats why it moved to "acceptance". Before the premium processing request went to USCIS i got an "RFE" from Normal processing unit. Thats why i had conflicting updates from USCIS site. I hope i made it clear . Thanks
  2. Harry1903

    H1B Extension RFE for "Profit university"

    I am from Startford Univerisyty. I don'tknow list of univ. Talk to attorney before applying.
  3. Harry1903

    H1B Extension RFE for "Profit university"

    **Update My case now moved back to "Acceptance" i have no idea why it moved from "RFE" - " Intial Review" - " Acceptance" . I will update as soon as i hear anything from Attorney. On December 12, 2013, we received this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER and we e-mailed you a notice describing how we will process your case. Please follow any instructions on this notice. This case is being processed at our VERMONT SERVICE CENTER location.
  4. Harry1903

    H1B Extension RFE for "Profit university"

    @professorX My company requested for the Premium processing thats why it moved to intial review.. I will keep you posted..
  5. @SanBob Sorry to hear that you going back to home country. Anyways all i can wish you is Best of luck for your future . Hope it rocks!! Can you email me your attorney details to my email if it is ok with you hgummako at yahoo dot com. Thanks and Good luck !
  6. Harry1903

    H1B Extension RFE for "Profit university"

    @SanBob, Thanks that gave me some hope. I will talk to my company attorney on this point. And i will update it here reply as soon as i hear from them . Than you again for all forum members for your valuable suggestions and comments.
  7. Harry1903

    H1B Extension RFE for "Profit university"

    Thank you. its vermont processing. just now i received another update from Usics . status moved from "RFE" to "initial review". "On December 10, 2013, your Alien Registration Number was changed relating to your I129, PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER. " Can you tell any what is this status about ?
  8. Hello Seniors, I need your advice . My Immigration Status: Master from "Profit Originattion" Regular H1B applied and approved under Master Cap "May 2010" 140 approved under EB-2 with same employer "Jun 2012" H1B Extension applied for above approved petition ( Regular H1B (1st ) expired on Sep 15th 2013) on May 31st 2013. RFE received on Master University because of "Profit University" and not eligible for Masters Quota My Questions: I know my current H1B petition will deny because of "profit university" and FY2014 is filled. Right ? Will i get an oppurtunity to apply another H1B petition on 140 approval ? I am eligible legally ? Once i get my denial decision do i need to leave country right away ? Or Is there any chances legally to stay here on other "Status" such as H4 Any answers to above questions are greatly appreciated . Thank you in advance for your help ! Thanks